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Power-Assisted Liposuction

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Modern liposuction emerged in Europe in the early 1970's and was gradually adopted across the United States during the 1980's. Since then, many refinements have been made to increase its safety and effectiveness, especially during the last decade when liposuction became the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure with people from Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, the Denver area, and throughout the country.

One of the more recent advancements in liposuction technology is power-assisted liposuction (PAL), available in Colorado with Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Vath, and Dr. Steinwald. This technique employs a small suction tube, or cannula, that vibrates rapidly to loosen fat cells so they may be safely and gently suctioned away. Unlike other procedures, such as UAL (ultrasound-assisted liposuction), patients don't need to worry about trauma to the surrounding tissues with PAL.

Other advantages of power-assisted liposuction include:

  • Improved safety
  • Smaller incisions
  • No thermal injury to skin or tissues
  • Reduced bruising and swelling
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Shorter procedure times
  • Greater precision
  • Better results in difficult, fibrous areas
  • Better results in revision procedures

PAL is performed using the tumescent technique. This involves infusing large volumes of saline containing local anesthesia and adrenaline into the target area to maximize fat removal, ensure patient comfort, and minimize bruising.

Through a variety of independent studies, PAL has been shown to offer many benefits for both the patient and surgeon. In one study published in the scientific journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, "PAL was found considerably superior [to traditional liposuction] as far as ease of fat extraction." The procedure was approved by the FDA in 1998.

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