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Amy's Face Lift in Denver

Amy, a 54-year-old mother and grandmother, noticed during a 2-year period that the look of her face and neck had taken a turn for the worse. She'd developed jowls and the skin on her neck was drooping, causing her to worry that she'd end up with a "turkey neck." After contemplating plastic surgery for a couple of years, she realized she was ready to take action. She likened her face to "a nice sweater you have that's stretched out and droopy. I thought, gosh, you wouldn't keep wearing that sweater, you'd shrink it up and fix it so it fits better." Amy wasn't interested in making a dramatic change to her look, just "putting things back where they used to be" with a facial rejuvenation procedure.

Doing Her Homework

Amy visited the library and researched her procedure options, reading books and magazine articles to learn more. She then consulted with 3 surgeons. The first she didn't like at all, another was too pushy, and the third was with a large center that felt "like going to McDonalds." Amy was a bit apprehensive about cosmetic surgery, after having a disappointing nose surgery procedure in her 20's, so she was focused on finding a surgeon she could trust.

She'd seen Dr. Vath's advertisement in The Denver Post over the years, so she knew he'd been practicing in the area for awhile. She decided to schedule a visit. When she met Dr. Vath in person, she says, "I liked him right away. I could ask him anything and he's very honest." After reviewing her case, Dr. Vath recommended a neck lift and lower face lift in Denver for Amy.

A Little Prep Work, Then the Big Day

Amy was eager to begin her transformation and have her surgery performed within a month. Dr. Vath's staff made a special effort to accommodate her request. Within two weeks she'd gone in for a physical, photos were taken, and Amy learned all about what she needed to do to prepare for surgery. A week later, her procedures were performed.

She went into her facelift surgery feeling mildly nervous but prepared. The anesthesiologist, who had called her the night before to check in, inserted the IV and made sure Amy was comfortable. Dr. Vath reviewed the procedures with her and then the anesthesiologist began to administer her general anesthesia. That was the last thing she remembers before waking up.

A Comfortable Recovery

After surgery, Amy awakened quickly and easily. Her head was carefully wrapped with a bandage and she soon felt well enough to get dressed and go home. She recalls, "I didn't stay very long in recovery." At home, she settled into one place, propped up to minimize the swelling. She says, "I was surprised there was so little pain – and I'm a baby!" She didn't experience any nausea and slept well in her own bed that night. The following morning her husband drove her to her follow-up appointment. Dr. Vath removed the dressing, and although Amy was swollen, she says "I was so thrilled that I could see a difference."

Seven weeks after Amy's neck and face lift surgery in Denver, she proclaims, "I'm very happy. I don't think it could have gone better." Amy appreciates that her new appearance is very natural looking - she wanted to avoid that obvious, 'I've had work done' look. "Dr. Vath did such a good job; my results look natural, and they feel natural." Today Amy doesn't wear as much makeup as she did before surgery and she's experienced a big boost in confidence. She says, "If I need anything else in the future, I will most definitely go back to Dr. Vath. I have the utmost confidence in him."