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Real Patient Reviews of Dr. Steven Vath

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44 Years Young and Drainless Tummy Tuck With A Great Surgeon!

“I had a drainless tummy tuck with Dr. Vath on 10/26/2016 and he and his staff just awesome and professional. The drive from Colorado Springs to Denver was well worth the results, pre and post op care. Beautiful area, office and staff.” – drainless tummy tuck – symbiotic – November 2016

Wonderful experience - Golden, CO

“I would strongly recommend Dr Vath to anyone looking to have a plastic surgery procedure done. His attention to detail and surgical outcome are amazing! I had my breast implants removed and a breast lift done, I couldn't be happier. He made me feel at ease the instant I walked in to his office for my consult. He took the time to answer every question I had and was just as attentive the day of my surgery and at my post op appointments. Dr Vath was the first doctor I made a consult with for this procedure and once a spoke with him I didn't have any desire to meet with anyone else, I knew he was the best fit for me! The staff at his office are very pleasant as well. You will not be disappointed with his work!” – breast implant removal – lynn8301 – November 2016

Best plastic surgeon Ever! 300cc round silicone textured implants

“I'm one day post op and my breasts already look amazing! This entire process has been smooth sailing. Dr. Vath in my opinion is the best plastic surgeon in the country! His staff are extremely kind and accommodating, I don't have a single negative thing to say! The surgery center was a relaxing setting, if I ever get anymore work done it will be here for sure! I would recommend him to anyone. I am beyond pleased with my results already! They have even Called twice already to check on me, I'm so glad I did my research and found him! There aren't even really words to describe how happy I am. After losing 140+ pounds I can finally be comfortable in my skin!” – breast lift with implants – sherry1221 – October 2016

Fixed A Botched Abdominoplasty!

“Dr. Vath fixed me! I'd give him ten stars, if I could. After having my first abdominoplasty (by another Denver surgeon) in July of 2014, I waited about nine months for the "soda can" shaped lump under my belly button to disappear. It didn't and it wasn't going to. And honestly, my belly looked much worse than before the procedure. I visited Dr. Vath after seeing his perfect five-star reviews on RealSelf. He was honest in stating that since the first surgeon snipped my umbilicus, he was limited in what he could do...however, he was confident that he could make it better than it was. He performed the procedure (drainless, I might add), and two weeks post-op, I could already see a difference. We are now one year out from Dr. Vath's procedure and I couldn't be happier with his work. Especially being limited in what he was able to do, the "soda can" shape is long gone and I have a perfectly flat belly. A million thank you's, Dr. Vath. You fixed me, and I will always recommend you.

Incredible Revision!!! Had a Lift with New Implants Less Than One Year Ago......with Horrible Scars and Outcome - Golden, CO

“Dr. Vath is so skilled that I can't wait to have him do another cosmetic procedure on me...when the time comes. I will never go anywhere else. Fixing another plastic surgeon's terrible work with an outcome that was FAR better than expected, was a dream. He is the best.” – breast implant revision – jdorfman – August 2016

36 Years Old, 3 Kids, 2 C-sections - Golden, CO

“Dr Vath is clearly and professional and some might argue a perfectionist. He never got tired of hearing my concerns or listening to my ideals. He always bestowed nothing but confidence in his work and always made me feel safe in his care. Especially on surgery date when I was a ball of nerves!” – tummy tuck – schlack11 – July 2016

385cc Mod Prof Sientra Textured Round--5'10--13 Cm BWD

“I'm just at one day post-BA and so far I have had only good experiences with Dr. Vath, his patient coordinators, Kari and Carrie, and their nurses (Jen, Kate, and Joyce in particular). I'll add to this review once I go back for my post-op apt, etc. This is a very competent practice with staff who genuinely care about their patients and outcomes.” – sientra breast implants – boobsonthehorizon – June 2016

Breast Augmentation with Lift - Golden, CO

“Loved Dr. Vath, professional, highly skilled, kind and honest. Highly recommended him and his wonderful staff, I especially appreciated the nurses and Carrie Masters my sizing consultant. So patient with me and my indecision and fears. Grateful I chose Dr. Vath.” – breast lift with implants – malloner77 – June 2016

32 Year Old, 5'6",135, 12 BWD, 2 kids Sientra 385 HP- Golden, CO

“It took me 8 years to find a PS that could do a lift that actually looked fantastic. I struggled to tell the difference between the before and after pictures with other surgeons. Dr. Vath knows what he is doing, and I would trust him with any procedure. His staff are kind and caring. They put me at ease.” – breast lift with implants – roadrunner16 – May 2016

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“Dr vath is nothing short of a genius. He's a true artist and cares deeply about his work. He gave me a breast reduction and I'm stunned by the results. He has truly changed my life and has done similarly amazing work for my mom. I Love DR VATH” – Turu Marx, December 2016

“As a person who had never had any kind of plastic surgery, I was nervous about the process.
Dr. Vath and his staff were (and are) just great. I felt comfortable from the very first consult visit all the way through the surgical process and beyond. And can I also just say, Dr. Vath knows his stuff. He was able to answer every question I had and he did the most incredible work for my breast augmentation! I am MORE than pleased.
The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is worth a visit for a consult! Great customer service, fabulous staff (the nurses are ALL incredible!) and amazing surgical results!
I would do it again 10 times over.
Thank you Dr. Vath and staff for being so great at what you do!

I will always recommend this surgical clinic to anyone who has questions or an interest in plastic surgery!”
– january king, 2015

“I was pretty terrified of the thought of having my first consultation... But when I got to the office in Cherry Creek I thought it was a beautiful, welcoming facility... and then in walks Dr Vath to greet me. Instantly, I was completely at ease. He is such a DOLL... kind, educated, not pretentious in any way, he listens, is realistic in your goals and what to expect... There was no high pressure sales involved...except from me- as I could not wait to have this man do surgery on me! The day of the surgery in Golden which is absolutely beautiful center, was smooth as silk, everyone was wonderful, caring, professional...I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Vath- He is really special and I wish he was my doctor for everything!! My results are amazing and my only regret is that I did not get more procedures done at the same time! I absolutely would recommend this center and Dr Vath to anyone and everyone!” – Kris D, 2015

“I am so in love with Dr Vath and his entire staff at The Center For Cosmetic Surgery! From the first moment of checking in with the lovely front desk staff, all the way through the compassionate liaison, to Dr Vath himself--I was treated with respect, kindness and compassion. I made an appointment for a consultation and was SHOCKED that Dr Vath himself spoke to me and my husband at length! He spent more time with me than my regular GP visits combined for the past 4 years! He was super patient, super knowledgeable, and super professional. He was not focused on his own agenda, rather he truly listened to what I wanted/needed. He even found a way to squeeze me in for the following week. As for the actual surgery, the OR nurse had been working with both Dr Vath and the anesthesiologist for a long time, and it was clear in her easy rhythm with both docs. She was wonderful, as were all the recovery nurses. I could not be happier with the entire experience and with my personal results. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, I would HIGHLY recommend this practice. I am more than 100% satisfied!” – Sasha Viers, 2014

“After much consideration and several consults with plastic surgeons in the area, I chose Dr. Vath to perform my breast lift. After breast feeding my three children I really struggled with the effect it had on my breasts, but also with the idea that I didn't see it as a badge of motherhood. I wasn't accepting of my own body. I decided that I wanted to have a lift, but I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision for my body and I took a long time to think about it. It was an emotional process. This back-story may seem irrelevant, but it is exactly why I hold Dr. Vath in such high regard. When I met him for my consult I immediately felt at ease discussing my concerns and expressing my desires for the outcome. He thoroughly explained the procedure and addressed all my questions. Dr. Vath listened to what I wanted and did not impose his own personal aesthetics, in fact, I couldn't even tell you what they are. I did complete the other consults I had set up, but I had already made my decision. My experience coupled with the vast amount of before and after pictures on their Website made me feel as though I had chosen the best. I would extend this compliment to both Doctors. They have one of the best maintained sites in this city and the results are very consistent. The facility is completely dialed in and every member from the front desk to the doctors themselves are very professional and courteous. On the day of my procedure I spent some time talking to Dr. Carpenter, who was my anesthesiologist, and also the Center's medical director. I felt very comfortable with him and his demeanor matched that of Dr. Vath's quite well. I've had non-elective surgery in a hospital setting and the experience I had at the Apex Center (their Golden surgical facility) far surpassed what I've received previously. As for my personal outcome - AMAZING! I expected to return somewhat to where I was prior to children, but I have to say it is much better. I'm very impressed by the cleanliness and precision of the incisions and they are healing beautifully. Dr. Vath is VERY good at what he does. I would highly recommend The Center for Cosmetic Surgery.” – S Moore, 2014

“The staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Vath is very sweet and honest about the procedure. He's an artist in his profession! I've seen his popularity grow in the year since my procedure. I highly recommend The Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Vath to anyone interested in getting plastic surgery. This facility and staff are top notch! They are superior in every way possible!” – Sandi Ruby, December 2016

“I had a great experience with this place. During the consultant Carrie Masters was fantastic and patient. Dr. Vath answered all questions and was upfront and realistic about what I should expect from what I wanted. He takes pride in his work and has such a passion for making people feel good about themselves. My experience the day of surgery was fantastic, everyone was wonderful. I couldn't be happier with the results of my mommy makeover and would recommend Dr. Vath a thousand times over.” – brittney eirish, August 2016

“Dr. Vath and his staff are amazing. I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck a year ago. I am more than happy with the results but am extremely happy with the care I received before and after the surgery. It was especially helpful having Dr. Vath just a phone call away immediately after the surgery when I had some pain concerns. He promptly returned our calls and guided us in the right direction to get on top of the pain. I tried to be brave and not take the pain meds as I was told. My follow up appointments went very well. I am always treated with the utmost respect and gentleness. My scars are amazing for the most part and the part I am not as pleased with, Dr Vath will be correcting soon. I would recommend Dr. Vath to anyone!” – Batina Eklund, 2015

“I am very pleased with my results from the surgical procedure that Dr. Vath performed. He is a very caring and professional doctor who is honest and ethical. The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is clean, modern, and professional. Dr. Vath's staff are helpful, friendly, and very understanding.

I chose to have my procedure for health reasons. I have the aesthetic benefits of the surgery but my quality of life has also improved. My only regret was not having this procedure completed sooner. If you are searching online to determine if you should have a surgical procedure and/or if Dr. Vath should perform your surgery then you need to consider many factors in your decision. You must prepare yourself for your results and you must speak frankly and openly with Dr. Vath about your expectations. You must prepare your family, employer, and friends for the recovery time and care that you will need. You must be realistic about the pain and scarring that you may have as a result of the procedure. Dr. Vath is a wonderful physician and I am very pleased with my results. I also know that the human body is not magical and that healing is a process that takes time.

I saw four other surgeons before choosing Dr. Vath to complete my procedure. The other doctors and their staff may be qualified to perform surgery, but Dr. Vath and his staff bring a quality of care to the experience that I do not think I would have had elsewhere. I have had six other surgeries for a variety of health reasons and none of those physicians or facilities followed up with me the way that Dr. Vath has. For a full year after my procedure I was seen for follow up appointments at no additional cost. Prior to this procedure, I had a biopsy completed because of the results of a medical screening. That biopsy cost more than twice what Dr. Vath charged me for major surgery. I believe that Dr. Vath is charging a reasonable price for procedures and that he and his staff are very committed to excellence in their work.

I may have some scarring, but that is a very small inconvenience for the results that I enjoy. I am convinced that my procedure was medically necessary and that I will be a healthier and happier person because of my decision to have the surgery. Thank you again Dr. Vath for everything!”
– Heather Meakins, 2014

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“I am a scientist and mom of two adult children. Within a year of having my second child I began wondering how long it was going to take to shed my pregnancy weight. I explained my fading energy levels and lack of exercise motivation as the result of being a working mom. When one year turned into five years that turned into 20, a pattern began to take shape it was one of consistent weight gain and no loss. While my husband was loving and supportive, I was frustrated. The breakthrough came when I was diagnosed a few years ago with Celiac’s disease. Although that helped put my metabolism and energy issues into prospective, it didn’t make the weight disappear or change how I felt in my clothing. Last year, after several rounds of steroids for repeated gluten exposure, I gained another 20lbs. That was my breaking point. I was tired of having a muffin top (now a cake top) and feeling miserable in my clothes. I was ready to change things around, so I scrubbed my house clean of every gluten molecule, banned all known allergens from the house, threw out my steroids and went on the hunt for a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck. Whoever was going to remove my marsupial pouch needed to meet my tough standards. They had to not be stuck on themselves, and yet be proven to be a talented and competent surgeon - a combination not so easy to find. After several months of web surfing and phone calling I surfaced with a few names. I saw one other surgeon before meeting with Dr. Steven Vath. During our first meeting he listened carefully, showed genuine openness and a healthy amount of humility so rarely found in surgeons. He was kind with his words and never made me feel like I was merely a source of income for him. He also eased an important concern I had which was that my surgeon not use a drainage bag for my abdominoplasty, as so many plastic surgeons do because they're quick, easy and less costly than closing the patient without a drainage bag. But what sealed the deal were the pictures of his belly buttons, which were stunning. The first thought I had was wow, I want that belly button! From my first pre-op appointment through my 6-month follow up, my entire experience was made seamless and stress-less by Dr. Vath and his staff. Part of my health challenges include me having a low pain threshold. This challenge wasn’t made any easier for the medical staff when they learned that I do not tolerate most pain medications. Essentially, I was asking them to treat my low threshold post-op pain with non-opioids. The pre-op nurse listened to my concerns and helped me identify some alternative pain meds. Dr. Vath was even quick to respond to my husband’s late night call when he was concerned with how I was managing my pain 24 hrs. post-op with the less potent pain meds I requested. Now 10 months out from my surgery, I still find myself glancing down in amazement at how beautiful my stomach looks, particularly my belly button. With each passing month my nicely shaped scar fades even more. Without hesitation I would have Dr. Vath do plastic/reconstructive surgery for me again. I’ve spent my entire science career around far too many arrogant (and sometimes incompetent) PhDs and Doctors. My experience with Dr. Vath has shown that he is an incredibly competent, talented and genuinely humble surgeon with a terrific and empathetic staff. A rare find.” – October 13, 2016

“Unfortunately, when I first had breast implant surgery with another physician, I was unhappy with the size. I lived with them for 20 years. I came to Dr. Vath's office after doing a lot of research online. I went to the initial consultation with Dr. Vath about 3 years ago and put off the surgery. I had many questions and was very afraid about the outcome. Dr. Vath made me feel very comfortable and was very supportive about not replacing my implants. Best thing I ever did. He was wonderful and made me so comfortable. I am ecstatic with the outcome. Surgery was a breeze. I was a bit uncomfortable with the drains in for a week post-op, but well worth it. Dr. Vath is wonderful and the entire staff if as well. I would definitely recommend them.” – August 30, 2016

“The best and most caring surgeon anyone can trust for your desires! If you don't want it or need it he doesn't try to talk you into it. This is your choice of what you WANT not NEED.” – October 21, 2015

“I was super nervous thinking about picking a surgeon. After all, I've seen shows like Botched and endless bad experiences online! I did my research and picked 3 Drs that I felt were possibilities. Dr. Vath was my third consultation scheduled. I was nervous once I scheduled my consultations that I wouldn't know who to pick. The first dr was a definite no, 2nd was good but I wasn't sure and after talking with Dr Vath for 5 minutes I knew he was the one!!! He was so kind and easy to talk to, knowledgable and not to mention his reviews and before and after a were awesome! I never felt rushed and he, bless his sweet heart, kindly answered all my crazy questions throughout the entire process without making me feel like a neurotic freak!! As for my results! I had a breast augmentation and WOW!! I'm still in awe and I'm at over 3 weeks now! My breasts are perfection!!! I've since told anyone that will listen who they should at least get a consultation from and refer to him as the boob God though I'm sure he's great at all the other things he does too!! ” – July 24, 2015

“I Dr. Vath and the staff of The Center for Cosmetic Surgery are exceptionally professional and compassionate. Every individual I encountered was knowledgeable, considerate, gentle and reassuring. Dr. Vath is an outstanding surgeon. He took his time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and explain every step of the procedure and recovery process. He is easy to talk with and put me totally at ease. The nurses and other medical professionals were very kind and highly skilled. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery. The look Dr. Vath achieved is beautiful and natural. He is an artist as well as a gifted surgeon. I recommend Dr. Vath and the other professionals at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery without reservation.” – May 7, 2015

“Dr Vath put me at ease about this life changing mommy makeover the moment I had my consultation with him. I had wanted to have it done for many years but was too nervous since I had never had surgery before. I was also concerned about having to deal with drains after the tummy tuck until he informed me that he does not use drains. I had been referred to him by several friends and family and other acquaintances that were extremely happy with his results. Dr Vath and his staff are very professional and all are very caring. I'm so glad I found this place! Im so happy with my results and will refer everyone to him!” – March 24th, 2015

“Like everyone else searching on the web for a mommy makeover, I was nervous and wanted to find the right doctor. You read the horror stories and the good stories, and all you want is to know if they are a great doctor. I have other family members that have been to this office and were highly satisfied. I made my consultation with Dr. Vath at the Center of Cosmetic Surgery in Golden, CO. The moment I met Dr. Vath I knew he was the right surgeon for me. From the consultation to the actual surgery everyone did a wonderful job. This was my first surgery and I cant believe the results. I have had three big babies that stretched my skin horrible. I wanted to look 16 again. The mommy makeover Dr. Vath gave me looks wonderful. I am only three weeks post op from my surgery and I feel great. They are so nice at this office. The morning I went in for the surgery even the pre op nurse and anesthesia doctor put my mind right at ease. They did a great job. I only had one IV for everything, that's for sure my kind of surgery. I had no drain tubes, no complications and wonderful results with a more than wonderful experience from beginning to end. Dr. Vath even calls you personally the day after your surgery to check on you. My suggestion to you is to make a consultation appointment and see for yourself what a wonderful Doctor he is. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. ” – July 6, 2014

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“I had a lift and augmentation November 3rd with Dr. Vath. I was in (happy, emotional) tears during my first consultation with Carrie and Dr. Vath. Because I have never been treated with such kindness and as the highest priority, by a company. I was blown away by EVERY single aspect of this journey. I had a prior consultation with a different surgeon and that office was kind, clean. However, my experience with Dr. Vath and his staff and facilities were above and beyond!!!!! That's why I got so emotional. Because I thought my consult with the different surgeon was as good as it got. I AM SO SO HAPPY/thankful/blessed I chose Dr. Vath. I showed him my wish pics and he made my scars and shape even better than my wishes! PERFECTION!! Dr. Vath is very down to earth. My husband is a man of little words and he has complimented the entire journey. I could go on for days with wonderful things to say. He is an artist and PERFECTIONIST! My shape and incisions are perfection. Dr. Vath has a signature shape that he takes pride in. Thank you Dr. Vath for exceeding my *very very high and picky* expectations!” – Kali W., November 17, 2016

“Best decision I have ever made for myself. Dr Vath is a perfectionist, the entire medical team at CCS is professional, caring and have a knack for making you feel comfortable from the time you walk in the office for the very first time. I felt safe and cared for throughout my entire journey. And now I look and feel amazing. Beautiful work!” – Alison W., October 18, 2014

“Love this place! Had my pre-op appointment last week and surgery with Dr. Vath next week. Cannot wait for my mommy makeover, though I have never been a mommy! Knowledgeable, caring staff. I know I will be in good hands.” – Ann A., June 29, 2015

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