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The plastic surgeons at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery are known for their exceptional results and attention to patient care. Another reason women and men visit us our practice from cities throughout the Denver metro area, along with Fort Collins and Colorado Springs for cosmetic plastic surgery and non‐surgical treatments is our helpful and friendly staff. Each member of the team is dedicated to providing a satisfying patient experience and looks forward to serving you.

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Erin Ebeling

Patient Counselor

Erin Ebeling - Patient Counselor

As a Patient Counselor, Erin provides a positive and well-informed surgical experience to every patient.  From your initial consultation with the surgeon, she will be your advocate and point-of-contact and can answer all questions pertaining to the procedure(s) in which you are interested, scheduling pre-operative and surgery appointments, discussing recovery, and walking you through financing options ad payments.  For those coming from out of town, Erin is well versed in facilitating the process of travel and surgical recovery away from home.

Erin’s 6+ years of experience in healthcare began in the hospice industry.  Because of this experience, Erin is patient, calm, easy-to-talk to, and is uniquely aware of the emotional aspect of the patient preparing for surgery and ensures each patient is confident and secure in their decision-making process.  Erin’s primary goal is to make this exciting time in your life stress-free and enjoyable!

An Illinois native, Erin now enjoys Colorado, including the mountains, visiting the many local craft breweries, and camping and hiking with her dogs.

Kari White

Patient Counselor

Kari White - Patient Counselor

Meet Kari, your dedicated point of contact throughout your transformative journey with our practice. With over 15 years of unwavering commitment, Kari holds an Aesthetics license in the State of Colorado and brings a wealth of experience to guide you seamlessly from your initial consultation to the day of surgery.

A proud alumna of Colorado State University, Kari earned her degree in Communications, a testament to her excellent interpersonal skills. Known for fostering open and honest dialogue, Kari is genuinely invested in understanding your cosmetic goals and concerns. Her ability to listen attentively ensures that every patient feels heard and valued.

Kari takes pride in building positive relationships and excels in navigating the decision-making process alongside you. From elucidating financing options to crafting out-of-town surgery care plans, securing nursing assistance, and addressing technical surgical queries, Kari is your comprehensive support system.

Beyond her professional dedication, Kari’s gentle and kind nature is evident from the moment you meet her. Her focus on meeting your needs is unparalleled, creating a supportive atmosphere for your aesthetic journey.

Outside of the office, Kari finds joy in traveling with her husband, practicing yoga, embracing the slopes during ski season, and honing her culinary skills. She is a loving caregiver to her Golden Retrievers and rescue Terrier mix. She cherishes quality time with her two grown children.

Let Kari be your guiding light as you embark on this transformative experience, ensuring not only a smooth process but a compassionate and understanding companion every step of the way.

Erica Straite

Patient Counselor

Erica Straite - Patient Counselor

As your patient counselor, you can count on Erica to be your devoted advocate. Her admiration for beauty and aesthetics inspired her to pursue a cosmetology career. In July of 2014, Erica opened a full-service salon and medical spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she served an integral role in the day-to-day management and operations. With a background in psychology and 20+ years in the salon and medical spa industry, Erica recognized her true passion for patient care and support.

As a patient counselor, Erica believes that quality patient care starts with building an open and genuine relationship while understanding your needs and concerns. It is Erica’s sincere goal to ensure every patient is well-informed, comfortable, and prepared for his or her journey at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. She will be by your side to guide you through the entire surgical process – from your initial consultation with your surgeon, all the way to the post-procedure setting. Erica will assist in coordinating financial matters and scheduling of pre- and post-operative appointments and care. She will be your go-to resource for information and answers to any questions you may have regarding your experience at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Erica is originally from Los Angeles, California, but by way of a 20-year hiatus in Scottsdale, Arizona, made the trek to Denver in 2016 with her then-fiancé, now-husband, Erik and their fur baby, Atticus. Her family has grown over the years, now with the addition of a son and daughter. Spending quality time with her loved ones brings her great happiness. She enjoys traveling to new places, discovering novel restaurants and venturing outdoors whenever she can.

Kate Stasiowski, RN

Clinic Nurse Manager

Kate started her career in the Emergency Room at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver and has moved through the ICU and recovery room over the years.  She has been with the practice for over 5 years and has worked with our patients through every step of their surgery, including in the operating room itself.  Because of her background throughout the practice, she is able to provide you with knowledge and education to help you feel comfortable through all aspects of the surgical experience.

As a Colorado native, Kate loves spending time outdoors.  She enjoys fitness, camping, dirt biking, cooking and traveling with her husband and daughter.

Tonya Applegate

Patient Counselor

Tonya Applegate - Patient Counselor

Tonya has cultivated a rich and diverse career with over 25 years of dedicated service in the medical field. Her journey began as a surgical assistant, where she honed her skills and developed a profound appreciation for cosmetic surgery. Over 20 years in the operating room, Tonya discovered her passion for the intricate world of medical aesthetics and patient care.

Driven by a desire for more personalized interactions with patients, Tonya transitioned into the role of a patient counselor. In this pivotal role, she becomes your dedicated guide throughout the entire surgical process. Tonya’s compassionate nature, combined with her extensive knowledge of cosmetic procedures, positions her as your loyal advocate on the journey to achieving your aesthetic goals.

As your patient counselor, Tonya takes care of the logistical aspects of your experience. From scheduling surgeries to arranging payments or financing options, she ensures a seamless process. Additionally, she goes the extra mile for your post-operative needs, including securing nursing care if necessary.

A proud Colorado native, Tonya finds joy in the diverse offerings of her home state. Outside of the office, she embraces a variety of interests, whether it’s navigating hiking trails, carving through snow on a snowboard, or engaging in some friendly competition in a bowling alley. A lover of travel, she relishes patio moments with a cold beverage, often accompanied by her faithful dog, Earl. Tonya cherishes quality time with her daughter and grandson, embodying a harmonious blend of career dedication and a zest for life’s pleasures.

Your experience at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is not just a procedure; it’s an artful journey guided by Tonya’s commitment to making it stress-free and seamless.

Kelly Stevens

Patient Counselor

Kelly Stevens - Patient Counselor

Meet Kelly, your dedicated advocate and patient counselor. Kelly’s education in Psychology, coupled with her customer service experience, led her to uncover a genuine passion within the realm of cosmetic surgery. Kelly joins her sister at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery with the goal of assisting patients on their transformative journeys. Her aim is to craft a space where authentic relationships cultivate quality care, and she strives to deeply understand your unique concerns and needs.

Kelly firmly believes in fostering a welcoming environment, ensuring every patient feels informed, comfortable, and prepared as they embark on their surgical path. From the initial consultation to the post-procedure phase, she remains by your side providing guidance and support at every stage.

Kelly, a Colorado native, values moments spent with her husband and their two feline companions. When she is not assisting patients, she finds joy in family time, indulging in the art of baking, staying active and relishing the delights of a good taco.

Andrea Torres

Patient Counselor

Andrea Torres - Patient Counselor

Andrea has been a part of the plastic surgery industry since 2008 and brings nearly 20 years of medical office experience.  She prides herself on being hard working, detail oriented, friendly, and caring.  As one of our patient counselors, Andrea truly enjoys being your dedicated liaison throughout your surgical journey at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery.  She works diligently to ensure all our patients are well-informed and confident with their surgical plan.  Andrea will be your point of contact and advocate for your initial consultation, surgery, post operative care and beyond.  She can also assist you with reviewing financing options and securing post operative nursing care and hotel accommodations if needed.  She is happy to be a resource for information and can provide answers to any questions you may have regarding your experience with us.  Andrea is bilingual, able to expertly read, write and speak in Spanish making her a great addition to our team.

Andrea is a Denver, CO native and enjoys city life and the great outdoors alike.  When she’s not in the office you can find her spending time with her husband, 2 kids, and their dogs!

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