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If you’re like many people trying to reduce the signs of aging, a change could do you good. For men and women in Denver, Dysport® is an exciting new alternative to  BOTOX® Cosmetic. Rejuvenate! now offers Dysport to treat wrinkles such as smile lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Like BOTOX, Dysport treats dynamic wrinkles (those caused by the repeated movement of your facial muscles) and is made with a purified form of botulinum toxin. Dysport is FDA-approved and thoroughly tested for safety.

Rejuvenate! is a medical spa devoted to providing patients in Denver, Colorado, with the latest in safe and effective treatments. In addition to BOTOX and now Dysport, Rejuvenate! also offers other non-surgical treatments to reduce the signs of aging such as tissue fillers and chemical peels. To learn more about the many treatments available at Rejuvenate!, request an appointment online.

How Is Dysport Different?

There are several ways in which Colorado Dysport treatments are different than BOTOX:

  • Dysport generally spreads further from the injection site than BOTOX, which can be a benefit when large areas are treated.
  • Men and women generally see the results of their treatment with Dysport faster than people do after BOTOX. Results of Dysport are usually visible after one or two days while results of BOTOX are visible after three to five days.
  • Dysport is more affordable than BOTOX.

The Dysport Procedure

Dysport treatments, like BOTOX treatments, are performed right in our office and take only minutes. With a very small needle, Dysport is injected into the facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles in your forehead, between your eyebrows, and around your eyes and mouth. Any discomfort from the injection is minimal and, if you so choose, may be alleviated with a topical anesthetic.

Once injected, Dysport blocks the nerve impulses that cause facial muscles to contract. The skin is then able to lay smooth for an extended period of time, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. There is no recovery period required after your Dysport procedure, so you may carry on with your day immediately.

Most of our facial rejuvenation patients should see a significant improvement after about one to two days with complete results after about a week. The skilled surgeons and staff at Rejuvenate! have extensive experience working with BOTOX, so you can be sure that your face will not look “frozen.”

Dysport in Colorado is an effective wrinkle treatment, but the effects are temporary. If you are interested in a more permanent solution, the Center for Cosmetic Surgery also offers mini facelift and eyelid surgery, among other surgical procedures.

Facial rejuventation

Keys to Choosing Your Facial Rejuvenation Clinician

It is important to make sure the person performing your injectable treatment is properly trained and licensed. At Rejuvenate!, facial fillers and neurotoxins are administered by registered nurses and a physician assistant. With Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath as the medical directors of Rejuvenate!, you can rest assured that you are being treated by clinicians that have access to advanced training, methodology, and product knowledge when it comes to injection techniques and current and new products

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