Step 1: Brow Lift Surgery Goals

brow lift guide - step 1
By reducing the heavy, hanging skin overlying the outer eye and elevating the outer brow, brow lifts performed by some of the best plastic surgeons in Denver, Colorado, can create a more alert and youthful appearance. Also called a forehead lift, the procedure is perfect for women and men whose sagging brows tend to make them look angry, sad, or tired. The ideal brow position differs for men and women. A female brow starts on the inner eye’s bony edge and gradually arches about a centimeter above the outer brow. Men’s brows ideally remain at a more even height on the bony rim, without sagging below this level. When you come to our Denver practice for a brow lift, our surgeons will explain how this procedure can “open your eyes” to reflect your true demeanor.

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Step 2: Making the Incision

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