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At Rejuvenate! in Denver and Golden, Colorado, microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy) involves the use of a handheld device that pierces the skin with tiny needles. These tiny wounds are too small to cause damage, but induce your skin’s natural healing reaction – the production of collagen and elastin.

What are the benefits of microneedling treatments?

Microneedling improves the thickness of the dermis as well as the epidermis. This in return improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles. It also has a positive effect on hyper-pigmentation as well as on hypo-pigmentation, reduces disfiguring scars (including acne scars), stimulates new collagen fibers, improves blood supply and harmonizes pigmentation.

How does microneedling compare to laser skin treatments?

Unlike laser treatments, microneedling can be performed on any skin type/color. What’s more, there is much less downtime after microneedling than with laser treatments. Although our Palomar LUX 1540 laser provides more noticeable results with only a day or 2 of downtime.

How many microneedling treatments will I need?

Depending on the conditions you want to address and how much improvement you’re seeking, you may require a series of 3 to 5 microneedling treatments each spaced about a month apart.

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Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Steven Vath, Dr. Andrew Wolfe, and Dr. Paul Steinwald lead our patient-centered practice with warmth, honesty, and respect. Their combined expertise and credentials have placed us among Colorado's premier aesthetic centers.

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