VECTRA® 3-D Imaging

Vectra logoWhat do you hope to achieve from breast augmentation in Colorado? Is it to have bigger, fuller breasts and better body proportions? Is it to increase upper breast fullness, which is often lost as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding? Or, is it to feel better in clothes and swimsuits? Whatever your goal may be, several factors go into ensuring you attain the best breast augmentation results at our Denver practice.

Choosing an accurate and skilled surgeon who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year is important for achieving beautiful results. The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is Inamed®’s largest breast implant purchaser in the Northwest, which helps demonstrate the number of high-quality breast augmentation procedures performed by our plastic surgeons. But no matter how experienced the surgeon is or how well the surgery is executed, there is no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. Your surgery must also meet your personal goals.

A critical ingredient in determining your happiness after surgery is your pre-operative understanding of the expected results. This helps you make informed choices and avoid any surprises. In other words, you need to be on the same page as your surgeon. This is where the Vectra® 3-D imaging system comes into play. Vectra 3-D breast imaging is a reliable way to get a preview of your results before the surgery takes place. It serves as a visual tool to help you and your surgeon discuss plans and expectations during your pre-surgery consultation. Through this educational process, possibilities and limitations of the surgery can be seen and, ultimately, you can make the best decisions and feel less anxiety about your results.

How Does It Work?

During your consultation, your image is captured from multiple angles by a special camera that allows for construction of a three-dimensional picture of your body. The 3-D image can be rotated on the computer screen to display views of your breasts from various angles and to help identify some of the natural differences between them. Then, the computer software can perform a “virtual implantation” so you can visualize your post-operative appearance with various sizes of breast implants.

I am so happy I saw my images because if I had gone smaller I probably would not have been happy with my outcome.

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What to Expect

Although this system can’t guarantee that your after-surgery breasts will look exactly like the Vectra images, studies have shown that the virtual image created by the Vectra 3-D system is extremely close to the actual outcome. It gives you an idea of what your shape and fullness will look like after surgery – something that was not possible before.

Vectra 3D system view

Helping Choose the Right Size

Computer imaging helps women in Colorado select breast implants with confidence. Patients often fret about choosing the right size, because the “right” implant size is largely a matter of preference and there is a wide range of attractive choices to fit each woman. The goal is to provide you with the insight and ability to make the best decision for you and to achieve results that closely match the picture in your mind.

Making a Confident Decision

Guided by a size range based on computerized measurements of your chest, various implant options can be previewed as they would look on you. This process, used in conjunction with trying on the actual implants over your own breasts, takes the guesswork out of determining which size is going to look and feel right for you.

A Reputation Built on Results

Dr. Wolfe was great. The whole team is fantastic ! Had a mommy makeover back in 2007 and recently went...
Great service and staff
Love this place. Dr. Wolfe is considerate, caring and a fantastic surgeon. Very happy!
If I could I would give 10 stars ⭐️. Dr. Wolfe is an incredible doctor. He is very knowledgeable in corrective...

Plan Your Results With Confidence

My main concern was my size and seeing the pictures on the 3D screen definitely put my mind at ease.

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Vectra 3-D breast imaging lets you take a virtual look into the future. You’re able to see how breast implants enlarge your breasts, achieve more fullness, and create better body proportions. The system can even show your future physique in a tank top!

Thanks to the Vectra 3-D imaging system, the planning process preceding breast augmentation is better than ever before. By communicating expectations more effectively, better decisions can be made, anxiety can be reduced, and you can feel certain that what you want from breast enhancement surgery is what you’ll get.

Dr. Steven Vath, Dr. Matthew Freeman, Dr. Teresa Cunningham, Dr. Andrew Wolfe, Dr. Paul Steinwald


Our team of experienced plastic surgeons are respected industry leaders, having investigated breast implants and published, lectured, and taught on the subject of breast augmentation surgery, to both national and international audiences.