Laser Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair on your body or face, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a long-term solution. For many people, laser hair removal in our in Denver and Golden, Colorado, med spa is an appealing option; especially in light of painful, messy, and time-consuming options like plucking, waxing, and shaving. Our Syneron eMax laser makes treatments effective and comfortable on a wide range of hair and skin colors.

How It Works

Laser hair removal gently reduces unwanted hair by applying precisely controlled pulses of energy to heat hair follicles. This heat destroys destroys active hair follicles without causing damage to the skin and surrounding healthy tissue. Most clients experience only minor, temporary redness and swelling around hair follicles.

Because hair grows in cycles, some hair follicles will be in a “dormant phase” during your initial treatment. Therefore, several laser hair removal treatments are necessary in order to treat all follicles during their active stage.

Treatment Areas

Laser hair removal treats hundreds of hairs at a time, meaning it works well for both small and large areas, including:

  • Upper lip, cheeks, and chin
  • Bikini line and Brazilian bikini areas
  • Legs
  • Arms and underarms
  • Back, chest, and shoulders

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Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

During each treatment, one of the laser hair removal specialists at Rejuvenate! will move a hand-held laser device across your skin in the area to be treated. When the laser is activated, its light energy passes through the skin, specifically targeting the hair follicles, which are damaged by intense heat. The skin itself remains cool through the application of a topical cooling gel.

Treatment time depends mostly on the size of the targeted area, with smaller regions such as the underarms taking about 20 minutes, while areas such as the back and chest taking quite a bit longer. Once complete, you can return to your day’s activities. These treatments are so simple, you might consider combining them with BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal filler treatments.

Most patients need 3 to 5 treatments, spaced about a month apart, depending upon hair density, thickness, and color, to achieve their best results. You may need an additional treatment or 2 each year to maintain the results. Most patients will see an 80% to 85% reduction in hair in the area they are treating.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery & Results

Some redness and swelling can be expected after each laser hair removal treatment session, but these aftereffects should diminish within a few hours. Depending on your skin sensitivity, some dryness or irritation may occur as a result of the laser treatments so it is important to take particularly mindful care of your skin in the days following treatment, including using gentle cleansers, applying moisturizers, avoiding sun exposure, and limiting exercise, since perspiration may make the skin feel more irritated. For more recovery and aftercare tips, check out our Rejuvenate website.

Laser hair removal treatments can reduce the amount of hair in a treatment area by up to 90%. Keep in mind that results will vary from person to person. As a general rule, multiple treatments will lead to a greater degree of hair reduction, and periodic maintenance treatments may be necessary to maintain optimal skin smoothness. Our laser hair removal professionals will be able to give you a better sense of the amount of hair reduction they believe is possible for you when you come in for a consultation.

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It is important to make sure the person performing your injectable treatment is properly trained and licensed. At Rejuvenate!, facial fillers and neurotoxins are administered by registered nurses and a physician assistant. With Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath as the medical directors of Rejuvenate!, you can rest assured that you are being treated by clinicians that have access to advanced training, methodology, and product knowledge when it comes to injection techniques and current and new products

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

With modern laser hair removal technology, a wide range of individuals are able to say goodbye to unwanted hair. Previous lasers were most effective only for people with lighter skin and darker hair, but the laser we use at Rejuvenate! can treat a wide variety of skin types and hair colors. Our treatment professionals are happy to evaluate your skin tone and hair color and give you an idea of how effective treatment might be.

What are the most popular treatment areas?

Our patients choose laser hair removal to treat hair on the legs, back, underarms, bikini line, chest, face, and neck. Almost any area of the body can be treated successfully, especially with the advanced laser technology we use at Rejuvenate!.

How comfortable is laser hair removal?

While some people are more sensitive than others, this treatment causes very little discomfort in almost all cases. When the laser energy is applied to the skin, it may briefly feel like the snap of a rubber band or a light pinch. Discomfort can be minimized through the application of a topical anesthetic. Regardless, almost all people find that laser hair removal is more comfortable than the alternatives, such as tweezing, waxing, and shaving.

Is more than one treatment needed?

Laser hair removal is effective in treating only those hairs that are in an active growth phase. During your first treatment, 10 to 20% of the hairs may not be actively growing, which is why additional treatments will be needed to catch these hairs once they begin to grow. In our experience, 5 to 7 treatments each spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart will be needed to achieve maximum hair reduction.

What results can I expect from laser hair removal?

It is important to remember that laser treatments will not remove all hair at a treatment site. Instead, you can expect to dramatically reduce the total amount of hair. After each session you will see fewer hairs at the treatment site and increased skin smoothness.

What kind of laser do you use?

At Rejuvenate! we use the eMax laser hair removal system by Syneron, which combines laser and bi-polar radio frequency energies. This system allows us to treat a broad range of skin types and provide results that are superior to older laser technologies.

What are the risks and side effects?

When used correctly, the laser device does not harm the skin or cause lasting discomfort. Laser hair removal is FDA approved as a safe procedure. The reality is that going out in the sun without wearing sunscreen has more potential health risks than laser hair removal. Most of our patients have no harmful side effects, though redness and irritation may last for a short time following treatment. Avoiding sunlight for the first few hours after treatment will help to minimize these after-effects.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

We offer competitive pricing for laser hair removal at our Denver-area medical spa. Your actual cost will depend on how large an area is being treated and the number of office visits you will require.