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Nipple & Areola Reduction

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A woman’s nipples are important to her body image, sexuality, and ability to breastfeed. Nipple inversion affects approximately 2% of all women and can involve one or both breasts. The problem may be transient and responsive to stimulation or permanent. In either case, this disfiguring condition can be successfully managed with a surgical procedure that directly addresses the cause of the problem. The result is normally everted, projecting nipples.

What is the nipple and areola?

The nipple is the projecting portion of the breast that carries the lactiferous (milk) ducts. The areola is the dark pigmented circle of skin from which the nipple projects.

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Is there anything I can do about nipples that are too long or wide? How about enlarged areola?

Yes. Under a local anesthetic, simple procedures are available to reduce the length and/or width of your nipple depending upon your goals. Similarly, enlarged areolas can be made smaller with minimal recovery time and very little risk. Many women have their nipples corrected during a breast enhancement procedure such as breast lift surgery or breast enlargement in Denver.

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