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Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

The Demise of Threadlifts?

A recent study performed by Dr. Rima Abraham of Albany Medical College in New York caught my eye, and confirmed what many experienced facelift surgeons have long suspected: Thread Lifts, which purport to lift the soft tissues of the face through the use of barbed sutures inserted under local anesthesia, don’t really work, and shouldn’t be used at all. (See … Read more

Market-Driven Plastic Surgery: Trend or Tragedy?

Patients sometimes come to our Denver plastic surgery practice asking for a “quickie face lift” or a particular kind of lipo like “Smart” lipo that they have heard about on TV or the internet or at another physician’s office. It’s normal to want the newest thing, because technology has brought us great things. I was one of the first to … Read more

Gummy Bear Implants: The Same, but Different

UPDATE: For additional information on breast augmentation and breast implants in Denver, see this more recent blog post. Patients occasionally ask us about “gummy bear” implants: what are they? Are they safer? Are they better? Can I have them? Should I have them? It’s normal to want the latest, greatest thing—after all, Americans are hot for innovation, and both of us are committed … Read more