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Out of town patients

We have many out of town patients. We are happy to get you set up to do a telephone consultation. In order to do this, we would need you to email photos to us so the doctor can review the photos before he talks to you on the phone, or on Skype. We will schedule a time on the doctor’s schedule during which he will call you and discuss the procedure, etc. If you decide you would like to schedule surgery, then we can schedule your pre operative appointment and surgery within a couple days of each other. We will then see you the day after surgery for a post operative appointment. You may return home after 2-10 days depending on the procedure(s) you have and your health history. There are two local hotels we are partnered with that offer special rates to our out of town guests. We can also arrange for in room nursing care for you if you do not have someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Should I wait until I am done with kids to have a tummy tuck?

We typically recommend that you be done with having children prior to undergoing a tummy tuck. We have had some patients that have not required additional surgery after a post tummy tuck pregnancy, some that have required a mini-tuck and still others that have required a complete re-do. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what category a patient will fall into, so from a financial perspective, waiting is the smartest option.

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