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How do I best determine what implant profile and shape is best for me?

Implant profile refers to the relationship between the projection of the implant and base width of the implant. The profiles allow for the best match between a woman’s desired size and natural breast dimensions. There are low, moderate, and high profile breast implants in Denver, Colorado. For a given fill volume, low profile implants have the widest base width, high profile implants have the narrowest base width, and moderate profile implants are between low and high. Generally, the larger enhancement that a woman wants, the higher profile the implant needed to match breast dimensions. Conversely, when a smaller enlargement is desired, lower implant profiles are appropriate. Again, the goal is to match the implant diameter with the base width of the breast and vary projection to accommodate the patient’s volume goals. For example: if a woman with a 12 cm breast width wants a large enhancement (>450cc), she would require a high profile implant in order to avoid the implant extending too far to the side of her chest as it would with a moderate or low profile. But if that same woman wanted a small enhancement (<250cc), she would need a low profile implant to avoid the implant from being too narrow. A volume in between 250cc and 450cc would call for a moderate profile implant.

There are essentially two implant shapes available in Denver for breast augmentation, round and contoured (teardrop). Round implants are most popular; however, contoured implants may be a good option for some women. When upright, round implants take on a natural tear drop breast contour and their shape changes with positional movement as natural breast tissue would. When they rotate, there is no problem with distorting the breast shape. Contoured implants were created in an attempt to provide a more natural looking option to round implants but most evidence does not support this assertion. These implants can be helpful for women with small breasts and very tight skin. Contoured implants are manufactured with a textured surface to help resist rotation. Nonetheless, these implants can spin causing breast distortion and occasionally the need for surgical correction.

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