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Preparing for Face Lift Surgery in Denver, Colorado

Preparing For Mini Face Lift Surgery in Denver, Colorado

Thoughtful preparations leading up to your face lift procedure in Denver can facilitate a relaxing, safe and comfortable recovery. The Center for Cosmetic Surgery would like to offer a few steps that you can take beforehand to prevent unexpected complications later on, when your energies will be focused on healing.

During your consultation, Dr. Wolfe or Dr. Vath will speak in detail about the timelines and protocols associated with your recovery. Both doctors are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns, so don't hesitate to ask them for clarification.

To learn all you can about a face lift in Denver, please visit our specialty site where you can see detailed diagrams that walk you through how this procedure is performed.

Answers to Your Questions

You'll want to begin your preparations by considering the very space in which you will be recovering from your Denver facelift surgery. For most of our patients, this means their own bedroom in their Denver area home, though, in some cases, a friend or family member may invite you to recover in their house. Other patients opt for a stay in a specialized aftercare facility. Another option is in-house nursing to assist you in your recovery in the comfort of your own home. In any case, someone will need to drive you home from our Golden, Colorado plastic surgery center and care for you for the first 24 hours. Making a list of reminders for this person can be very helpful, particularly if you have pets or plants.

You'll want to create a relaxing space in which to recuperate. Have plenty of pillows to allow for multiple upright sitting positions. Consider extra blankets and thick socks, as it is common to experience some chills after a surgical procedure. And think about all the little items that might provide you with comfort or entertainment, such as books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, your laptop computer, a journal, stationary, lotion, tissues, wet-naps, etc. Because your body will be in healing mode and medications may leave you a bit groggy, your first 72 hours after surgery can become uncomfortable or simply dull. Remembering to put a few key items within reach of your bedside can make this time more pleasurable.

Information About Face Lift Surgery in Denver

It is important to fill any prescriptions from Dr. Vath or Dr. Wolfe prior to the day of your procedure. Then keep these medications and plenty of water at your bedside. If you find it helpful, purchase a pill case and prepare the correct dosages before your facelift procedure. Consider that nausea is a possible side-effect of almost any medication, so it might be wise to keep an appropriate receptacle within reach of your bed to avoid a last-minute scramble to the bathroom.

If your facelift surgery is combined with a brow lift or blepharoplasty, temporary dry eyes may result, so some patients find eye drops helpful. Because bathing the incisions is not advised for a day or two after surgery, a hand-held shower head and a waterproof chair will enable you to shower below the neck.

Prepare to eat soft, easily digestible foods for the first few days after your facelift. Eat foods high in protein and low in sodium; protein assists healing, while sodium increases swelling. Low-sodium soups, juice, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, protein shakes, oatmeal, cottage cheese, crackers and Jello are excellent options. Some foods can be kept within reach of your bed. Freezing a supply of meals ahead of time is another good idea.

Remember to take care of house cleaning, laundry, lawn and garden care, bill paying and miscellaneous errand running ahead of time.

Smokers absolutely must quit smoking at least one month prior to undergoing a rhytidectomy, and not resume until at least one month after their Colorado facelift. Smoking increases the risks associated with a facelift. Wearing a nicotine patch is not an acceptable alternative because nicotine in the bloodstream will inhibit the critical flow of oxygen to treatment areas, greatly impeding the healing process. Also requiring a period of refrain in the weeks leading up to a facelift are sun exposure and the use of vitamin E, ibuprofen, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications.

Our patients with very short hair often choose to let it grow out some since longer hair can more easily hide scars until they have faded. Those who color their hair should do it just before their procedure to avoid having to wait until one month later.

On the night before your facelift, do not eat or drink anything after midnight. Brush your teeth and rinse, but do not drink any water. If you do ingest anything, it is very important that you tell your doctor or anesthesiologist before your procedure begins.

On the day of facelift surgery, patients from Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver will need to shower with an anti-bacterial soap and wash their hair. Use no conditioner, styling products, lotions or deodorants. We also ask that you wear no make-up, perfume or jewelry. The best clothing to wear on the day of your procedure is sweat pants or loose-fitting pants, a button-up shirt and slippers, booties or thick socks. You'll want to dress warmly, as anesthesia can cause chills.

Effective planning before your facelift can keep your mind at ease during the healing process and increase the likelihood that you will have a quick and trouble-free recovery. The staff at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery is available to answer all of your questions before and after your facelift, so please feel free to call us as needed.

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery has two offices conveniently located in the Denver metropolitan area. One is located just outside of Denver in lovely Golden, Colorado immediately off of I-70 and the other is located downtown in Cherry Creek, Denver. Please schedule a free personal consultation to learn what a facelift can do for you. Simply call (720) 279-1926 or request your complimentary consultation online.

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Keys to Choosing Your Mini Facelift Surgeon

  • Review many impressive before and after photos...
  • Find a surgeon who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery...
  • Seek a surgeon who upholds the proper credentials...
  • Ask if the surgeon uses only an accredited, state-of-the-art surgical facility...
  • Decide, if upon meeting the surgeon, you make a connection...
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Important Truths About Your Mini Facelift

In some cases, additional procedures may be added to a Minifacelift to enhance its effect. Liposuction of the neck, direct tightening of the neck muscles (platysmaplasty), and/or fat grafting to the face may all be beneficial in selected patients.

A minifacelift procedure will not address the brow or eyelids. A brow lift and/or blepharoplasty can be safely performed at the same time as a minifacelift to treat these areas.

Lighter anesthesia or no anesthesia during a procedure does not change the nature of the procedure itself.

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Understanding Your Mini Facelift

A minifacelift, or short scar facelift, is essentially a scaled-down version of a full facelift. Click here to understand more about the minifacelift procedure.

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Identifying Good Results for a Mini Facelift

Your face is the first thing people see when meeting you. At The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we know how important it is to have a natural looking face lift procedure. After you have checked to see if your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), next review their before and after photos.