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Surgical Facelifts Remain the Gold Standard for Facial Rejuvenation

Denver, CO (March 1, 2005) - Facelift surgery continues to give a more complete restoration of facial form than any other procedure. The "short-scar" or "mini-facelift" is found to be less invasive, manifests fewer risks, and offers a quicker recovery than the surgical facelifts of the past.

Face-lifting techniques are constantly being revised and updated by many prominent plastic surgeons throughout the world. A recent trend has been towards less invasive, less risky procedures alternately known as "short-scar" or "mini-facelifts." At the Center For Cosmetic Surgery, Andrew Wolfe M.D. and Steven Vath M.D. have embraced the new developments in an effort to decrease the cost, risk, and recovery associated with facial rejuvenation surgery. While full facelifts are still indicated for patients with profound signs of facial aging, many patients seeking to lessen the effects of age are candidates for a mini-facelift.

The mini-facelift involves the incision in front of the ear unlike the full facelift where the incisions are behind the ear into the hairline as well. The procedure is usually performed under sedation taking approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Despite the relatively quick operative time and recovery, the mini-facelift continues to give the best results for facial rejuvenation, correcting sagging of cheeks, jowls, and neck. The ideal candidate for the mini-facelift is a non-smoker in good general health with normal or medically controlled blood pressure.

Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath specialize in restoring a youthful and natural appearance with the highest level to detail and service. Together they practice plastic surgery at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Golden, Colorado.

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