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Real Patient Reviews of Dr. Paul Steinwald

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46 Years Old with 2 Kids. Haven't Looked This Good in over 10 Years - Golden, CO

“My husband and I researched and interviewed plastic surgeons for 5 months. We started with a large list and narrowed it down to 3 in the Denver metro area. Dr. Steinwald and the Center for Cosmetic Surgery are the best and we couldn't be happier. You will be respected, cared for and end up - happy. We met lots of Dr's during our research phase and at first impression, Dr. Steinwald will seem to speak quickly and, depending on you, this might put you off. But this is a major surgery and your life (and the final condition of your body) is in the hands of the Dr you chose. You owe it to yourself to have the best Doctor and you can have. Be 100% confidence that Dr. Steinwald is the Doctor you should see. My tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation are all works of art. I (we) couldn't be happier.” – mommy makeover – magash, October 2016

Best Decision I've Ever Made (With the Help and Support of my Husband) - Golden, CO

“We did a ton of research before selecting our Surgeon. Dr. Steinwald met with us during my pre-op and we both knew right away he was the one to trust with my procedure. He took the time to explain the advantage of a lift vs. not doing a lift, all the different types of implants, and why he thought I should go with high profile smooth silicone implants for me. I would and have recommended him to my friends for their plastic surgery needs. He is the best. Thank you Dr. Steinwald.” – breast implants – jlhwatckins, October 2016

42 Yo - in Good Shape - Lipo to Waist, Hips, Flanks, Lower Medial Abdominal Area, Outer Thighs.

&ldquolDr. Steinwald is very professional, honest, and to the point! I highly recommend him. I don't think he is one to hold your hand and reassure through your process. He is full on business. But he will do what you ask and do an amazing job. The staff at The Center for Cosmetic surgery was wonderful from beginning all the way through surgery and post-op.” – liposuction – KatCO14 – October 2016

33 Years Old

“It was an amazing experience. The staff was kind, informative and patient. I experienced some issues with anesthesia, but only because I was not aware I would experience side effects. The staff was patient with me after surgery and beyond helpful when it came to it. I highly recommend them! Absolutely glad I went through the procedure.” – breast augmentation – alacoste – October 2016

10/10 Excellent care!!!

“I am a dfab nonbinary trans person (also called "FTN" in some medical circles) and I had a radical breast reduction and flank liposuction performed by Dr. Steinwald in February 2016. I had originally planned to have top surgery ("chest masculinization") with him in August 2014 but had to cancel my procedure due to financial hardship stemming from discrimination in the workplace and losing my job. I was so pleased and put at ease by Dr. Steinwald's manner at my consultation the first time around that as soon as I had reached a more financially stable place, I made arrangements to travel from Chicago to Golden, CO, where his practice had moved in the interim. I had also by this point decided that I did want to have breasts, just much much smaller ones. I'm 5'8", weigh 150 lbs, and was originally a 34F cup; Steinwald reduced me to a small B cup and also eliminated fat deposits on my hips, slimming me down into a more androgynous silhouette. I have fibromyalgia and I was afraid that the pain might be unbearable, but it was very manageable with Dr. Steinwald's assistance. I was walking around with relative ease on day 3 after my surgery and on day 5 I was able to explore the town outside my hotel room and enjoy the sunshine. I couldn't be happier with my results! I no longer have to wear a bra and look supermodel flat-chested in most clothes, but I also still have the option of wearing a soft stretchy binder if I want to be completely flat, which is something I could never achieve before even with uncomfortable heavy duty binding. The freedom is amazing! I no longer feel constantly overheated and claustrophobic, I can run without being in pain, and I actually like the way I look in my clothes now! I highly recommend Dr. Steinwald to anyone, especially genderqueer/trans individuals, looking for a higher level of comfort in their body.” – breast reduction – gabi112 – September 2016

27 Year Old, Mother of 4 Large Babies! Much Needed Tummy Tuck! - Golden, CO

“Dr. Steinwald was very professional, he answered all of my questions and helped to relieve all of my anxieties about having surgery. On surgery day he was very confident and reassuring, which helped me to relax during prep and all around I felt very well taken care of!” – tummy tuck – kaymcintosh88 – August 2016

Breast Implant Replacement - Denver, CO

“Dr Steinwald is very engaging and professional. He makes you feel at ease and is very personable. HIs offices are very inviting and his staff are welcoming. I highly recommend him.” – breast implant revision – deannh – August 2016

Saline to Silicone Breast Implants/Rhinoplasty - Golden, CO

“Dr. Steinwald was a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend.” – breast implant revision – ARKWest – August 2016

FTM Chest Surgery - Golden, CO

“Dr. Steinwald made time for us and answered all of our questions. He even called us the day after surgery to check on us. He did excellent work with minimal scaring.” – FTM chest masculinization surgery – ragrwal – July 2016

Top Surgery. Golden, CO

“Steinwald speaks quickly but he obviously knows what he's doing and cares about his patients. He was respectful and professional and answered all my questions thoroughly.” – FTM chest masculinization surgery – May 2016

24 Years Old, Trans-man, Chest Masculinization - Golden, CO

“Dr. Steinwald was great about answering my questions in depth and in a way I could understand. He talks fast and seems like he's rushing but he isn't. Every time I had questions he made sure to take the time to ease my anxieties. He explained the procedure multiple times before surgery and I felt very confident that he understood what I wanted and would do everything he could to make it happen. After surgery, he made himself available to me 24/7 and, believe me, I was not an easy patient. I had a lot of questions at very sporadic times but he was very patient with me and made me feel at ease. I couldn't be happier with him.” – FTM chest masculinization surgery – justmadethisforthereview – May 2016

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“Dr. Steinwald is outstanding! My experience at the surgical center in Golden was superb. ” — Theresa Evans, December 2016

“I couldn't be more pleased with my results...” — A Google User, 2011

“I want to shout from the roof-tops about the outstanding care, confidence and success of my breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Steinwald at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery. After a year of breastfeeding a beautiful boy ending ~4 years ago my breasts had never been the same - they had deflated to sad little puppy ears which was affecting my self-esteem and my satisfaction in the bedroom with my adoring husband of 10+ years. As a professional Ph.D. level researcher, I scoured the internet, talked to as many people as possible and really did my homework in trying to find the right person to complete my surgery. I meet with Dr. Steinwald and it was immediately evident that his skills and expertise were exactly the match I was looking for. He exudes confidence and competence and his portfolio of work on breast augmentations, including but not excluded to implants, lifts, reductions, and what I found intriguing FTM indicated his expertise in all things breast. After meeting with him, I met with my patient counselor, Kim Molloy, whose warmth and care set me at ease and made the process of size selection so easy to understand. I kind of love her. On day of surgery the nursing staff was caring, detail oriented and efficient. Of particular note is the warm and personable anesthesiologist, Dr. Carpenter, who eased any lingering trepidation prior to the "event" - what a lovely man! Most important - my new look is amazing. Dr. Steinwald is a true professional and artist. My results have exceeded my wildest expectation and I was treated with the utmost respect and highest quality of care throughout, including personal phone calls on the evening of and 24-hour post op appointment and instructions with him, not just the nursing staff. Dr. Steinwald is a one of a kind and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in the Denver/Front-range corridor seeking plastic surgery or breast augmentation.” — Jamie Justice, 2016

“Dr Steinwald is excellent. I booked my appointment nine months in advance and they called me and kept in contact through the waiting process. The nurses are very respectful and friendly. Steinwald definitely knows what he's doing. I look incredible and I couldn't be happier.” — Elliott Russell, June 2016

“I had Dr. Paul Steinwald perform a breast augmentation. He is patient, knowledgeable, and works with you to be sure you are getting what YOU want. He makes sure that you are fully aware of the options based on your body size. He has a wonderful bedside manner and even took the time to call me the night I had surgery to check in on me. He goes above and beyond in taking measures to be sure you're healing well, and satisfied. Couldn't recommend him and this facility/staff enough!” — Valerie Hartford, February 2016

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“I entrusted Dr. Steinwald for my chest masculinization (top surgery) procedure. He's a fast talker and not always the clearest with instructions, but he knows what he's doing with this operation. He took me from a DD to the flat smooth chest I've always wanted. All my friends have commented how natural I look, how it looks like I've always been meant to be this way. My recovery has been completely trouble-free, I'm amazed how easy it all was. His staff are all very friendly and professional, I always feel very welcome in the office. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, he's a brilliant surgeon who changed my life.” — September 24, 2015

“I originally visited another plastic surgeon and that location was cheaper by at least $600; however I wanted to make sure that for such a life changing decision, that I picked the most qualified regardless of money saved. Now almost 3 weeks post op, I know I made the right decision. The whole process was very well explained, all my questions were answered and I felt safe and comfortable. I trusted the staff and I felt like the amount of time that was spent with me was impressive both during the couple consultations I had, as well as the follow up emails and phone calls. Dr. Steinwald was very professional and very responsive. The location was centrally located, clean and very welcoming. I am happy with my decision to choose a highly qualified surgeon that has proven his work on myself as well as 2 of my friends.” — August 31, 2015

“From the first phone call to my post op visit my experience was excellent! Dr Steinwald is not only a skilled/experienced surgeon, he is an excellent physician who is truly concerned about his patients results and well being. I found him to be a good listener and truly heard my expectations/wishes while holding my health and medical status above all. I have had DD/DDD all my life. As an athlete, then avid gym goer I finally decided to get a breast reduction (something i dreamed about for years). My thoughts were I want the best surgeon! After many weeks of research (in state and out) I found Dr Steinwald. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH MY RESULTS! If you are lucky enough to live in CO and are looking for a surgeon, look no further! With the availability of the Internet it is easy to compare work and I feel at my age of 49 Dr. Steinwald performed a small miracle! Compared to other results I saw from other surgeons I feel mine are superior! From the front desk to the nursing staff and most excellent anesthesiologist my experience was top notch! Thank you to Dr Steinwald and his excellent staff!” — May 14, 2015

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Paul Steinwald and his staff. I put off my surgery until I felt like I'd found the right Dr. My entire experience was extraordinary.My results are fantastic, I am an entirely new woman. I felt he listened well to what I wanted, gave me EXACTLY what I asked for.I chose him from reviews on several sites and each one was accurate and similar to my experience. The staff could not be kinder or more accommodating. Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield” — May 19th, 2014

“Dr. Paul Steinwald is an excellent plastic surgeon and I highly recommend him. Upon being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, I met with Dr. Steinwald to explore the options for reconstruction after a mastectomy. I selected him as my surgeon based upon trust; his ability to explain the options along with the pros and cons of each made me feel confident I was selecting the right surgeon. His attention to detail is obvious. I elected to have the TRAM flap breast reconstruction. My husband and I are completely satisfied with the results. Perhaps an even more significant recommendation came indirectly from both my gynecologist and oncologist. Both gentlemen remarked what an excellent job Dr. Steinwald performed as compared to other reconstructive surgeries they had seen with other patients. I feel great, look great, and have no regrets. ” — February 16th, 2014

“He is an excellent surgeon. I'm one year post op now & the sutures are barely visible. My chest looks great. I would recommend him to anyone & I'm glad that I found him so close to my home. Thanks Dr. Steinwald, you're one of the best in my book & your staff is very compassionate so I would like to thank them as we'll.” — January 23rd, 2014

“I have had botox injected by Dr. Steinwald at least 5 times now and every time the results are perfect! Thank you and I'll be back again soon.” — November 22nd, 2013

“Dr. Steinwald is surely the Best in his class. I had a breast reduction at another facility. I was not happy. My first visit with Dr. Steinwald I knew it would get better. He turned a nightmare into a wonderful reality. I I am so pleased everytime I look at my breast I'm all smiles. He said they would not look 100 percent better. because he's correting someone else's work but he got it 99.99 percent better and I totally love him snd his stafff for being professional and passinate at what they do. THANKS YOU! for given my confidence back!!!!” — July 21st, 2013

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“I had a procedure with Dr. Steinwald. I was extremely nervous, but when I got there I was put at ease from the entire staff. I felt safe and comfortable. It has only been 5 weeks, and I am please with the results so far. I know I am still healing, but I honestly could not be happier. Thank you for making me feel even better about myself!!! Highly recommend!!!” — Danette B., November 30, 2016

“I am nearly 8 months PO from TT/MR/BA/BL and am beyond thrilled with my results. Dr. Steinwald is genius. I was very well taken care of and he did an absolutely amazing job. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Best $$$ I ever spend on myself.” — Tiffany H., March 1, 2016

“Dr. Paul M Steinwald did a amazing job on my tummy tuck and liposuction. The staff had the best attitudes and they treated me so well. The anesthesiologist was a very nice lady thank you.” — Gloria R., December 3, 2015

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