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Meet the Surgeons

When you meet Dr. Andrew Wolfe, Dr. Steven Vath, and Dr. Paul Steinwald, you'll soon discover what makes them among the best plastic surgeons in the Denver area you may have talked with – the relationships they develop with people like you. They want to get to know you, to learn about your lifestyle and your activities. They want to hear what motivates you to seek a change in your appearance, to understand your frustrations and your dreams.

They will work closely with you from start to finish with a rapport developed through open, honest communication and trust. Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Vath, and Dr. Steinwald agree: not only is this the right path to the very best possible result for every patient, it ensures that the entire surgical process is a positive, mutually rewarding experience.

If you have been researching Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs plastic surgeons, take a few minutes to learn more about our doctors and the practice they have built around satisfying the cosmetic needs of their patients.