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Betty's Story
Desperately Needing a Lift

As a 53-year-old woman, it didn't take me long to discover the benefits of good skin care. My parents owned a beach house on the East Coast so I enjoyed many sunny days outdoors during my childhood. I grew up in a time when being tan meant you were "healthy." Many years later, wrinkles began to surface around my eyes and my smile also turned downward. I looked more like my mother than I thought possible and I decided it was time to start investigating small things that I could do to improve my appearance.

Starting Small

I began using BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers and was very happy with the results. It is amazing what a good injector can do with those products. BOTOX, fillers, and good skin care maintained my youthful look for many years, but once I hit 50, I wanted a more permanent solution.

I spent a lot of time online researching my options for a facelift in Denver. I was willing to go out of town if it meant that I would receive the best results. I was apprehensive about having facial surgery and knew that if the result was not what I wanted, I wouldn't be able to cover up what I didn't like. Selecting a surgeon was the most critical component for my overall satisfaction.

Taking the Next Step

I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Wolfe in Denver for face lift surgery. I had heard his name mentioned several times at a book club and he was on my list of surgeons to visit. Although I heard great things about him, I didn't want to rely on other peoples' opinions and planned on visiting 3 surgeons so I could decide for myself.

I had breast augmentation after having children so this was not my first visit to a plastic surgeon. I understood the process but was really surprised with the answers that I got to my questions. I visited three surgeons: one who was considered the most highly-respected surgeon in the city, one facial plastic surgeon, and Dr. Wolfe. Each surgeon recommended a different set of procedures to take care of my "tired" look. I was more confused than ever.

Making the Right Choice

What ultimately led me to choose Dr. Wolfe as my plastic surgeon was the amount of time he spent with me during the consultation. He spent over an hour discussing my options and gave me a very honest opinion rather than recommending the most expensive surgery. The other 2 surgeons recommended so many procedures that my surgery would have taken over 6 hours. Dr. Wolfe suggested a surgical plan that would take 2 hours and was exactly what I was looking for: a more refreshed look. I booked the surgery and was back to my normal life in just 2 weeks – still a little swollen, but looking fresh. My scars cannot be seen and I feel great.

I can't say enough about having Dr. Wolfe as my plastic surgeon during this period of my life. I trust him entirely to make honest recommendations that work for my lifestyle and my goals. Dr. Wolfe is not a "cookie cutter" surgeon. His credentials, bedside manner, and surgical skills are impeccable. Dr. Wolfe is a plastic surgeon for the right reason – to help people look and feel their best.

– Betty F.