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Lynne's Story
Getting it Right the Second Time

Thinking seriously about cosmetic plastic surgery in Denver was initially difficult for me. Over the course of 7 years, I had given birth to 3 wonderful children and spent at least 1 year breastfeeding each of them. Although I was feeling great about my life, I became self-conscious about my body because of the changes that had occurred from pregnancy and breastfeeding. I began to look at the options that were available to me, and breast implants in Denver were the obvious choice.

Taking a Wrong Turn

I scheduled a consultation with a local plastic surgeon and he presented 2 options: saline breast implants or saline breast implants with a breast lift. After looking at the before and after photos, I decided to have only the implants and not the lift performed. I avoided the lift because the scars looked large in the before and after photos the surgeon showed me. Additionally, I was very worried about losing any sensation in my nipples.

The surgery was quick and I had minimal scarring. However, I never wanted large breasts. The surgeon made the decision to place larger implants than we had discussed because of the amount of tissue that I had. Without large implants, he said, my breasts would sag and give me a poor result.

Choosing to have large implants was a mistake on my part. I should have waited and done more research before making such an important decision. I never felt comfortable with the size of these implants. I did have a discussion about decreasing the size of my implants with the same surgeon after my initial surgery, but that would require an additional surgery that I couldn't afford at the time.

Second Chances

Finally, after 8 years of living with implants that I always felt were too large, I went to visit Dr. Vath. I knew that I wanted the implants removed but had no idea what to expect after surgery. Dr. Vath assured me that not only could the implants be removed, but I could regain by breast shape and size with a breast lift in Denver, Colorado.

I waited a few weeks while I looked at other surgeons' websites. I couldn't find another plastic surgeon with the same number of great results that I found on Dr. Vath's website. After an extensive consultation in which all of my questions were answered, I decided to schedule the surgery that I had been wanting for more than 8 years.

A Look to Love (Finally!)

My surgery was over 3 months ago and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. My breasts are soft, beautifully shaped, and much smaller. Prior to my breast enhancement in Denver, I would always dress conservatively because I was overly-aware of my breast size. I felt self-conscious in certain clothing styles and bathing suits. Now, getting dressed in the morning is great; I no longer am constantly trying on various outfits to see what looks "okay."

This surgery has made me feel wonderful about my body and myself. I can now go to the gym, swim, and hike without any discomfort. Most importantly, I feel like my body is the correct proportion; I feel and look like myself again.

Thank you to Dr. Vath and his team. They were wonderful throughout my entire surgery and recuperation.

– Lynne S.