3-D Breast Imaging is Here

3D Breast Imaging Rendering

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery recently purchased the Vectra® 3-D Breast Imaging System. Our new web page all about it will be live soon. We’ve been using this new technology in consultations for several weeks now and it has made a remarkable difference in the educational process. This system captures multiple pictures of a person’s body and reconstructs a three dimensional image which can be rotated on the computer screen. Then, a virtual augmented preview of the breasts can be displayed, using any size implants. Primarily, it serves as a tool to enhance the discussion, gather valuable feedback from patients, and provide a better idea of the expectations from surgery. Mostly, people find it comforting to preview their after-surgery result from breast augmentation before the surgery even happens.

The world of plastic surgery is not as technologically driven as many may think.  But this is one advancement that I am embracing. It fills a void in the consultative process around breast augmentation: it answers the frequently asked question, “What will I look like after breast augmentation surgery?”Although there was no way to answer this before, now there is. And patients are loving it at our offices in Golden and Denver, Colorado.

For more information about preparing for your surgery, including visualizing your results with the Vectra® 3-D Breast Imaging System, contact us today.

Dr. Steven Vath

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