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Will insurance cover my breast reduction?

That depends upon several factors. Some insurance companies do not cover breast reductions at all, no matter what the situation. This is called an exclusion in your policy. You can check your policy or simply call your company to find out. If there is no exclusion, most insurance companies require a certain weight of reduction as proven by a pathology specimen to cover the surgery. Generally, insurance companies require evidence that at least 500-600 grams (over one pound) per breast will be removed. Also, you may have to have documentation of conservative treatment such as physical therapy for 6 months to 1 year.

Would I be able to have a tummy tuck done the same day as a breast reduction?

Many women have tummy tucks and breast procedures at the same time, this is commonly referred to as a mommy makeover. Take a look at our before and after pictures and you’ll see that many patients have chosen to undergo these two procedures in one surgical setting. This means only one recovery and less overall cost to you.

Will smoking affect my recovery?

Smoking adversely affects wound healing. The small vessels that supply blood to the tissues shrink up and prevent the necessary nutrients for healing to get to the wound. The incidence of having a wound complication such as an open wound or skin death is much higher in smokers. Furthermore, the rate of wound infection is also significantly increased in smokers for the same reason of limited blood flow. Because of this, a patient must stop smoking for a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery to decrease the risk of these complications.

Where do you do your breast reductions?

We do these surgeries at Denver West Surgery Center. They are a Health One outpatient surgery center and are accredited by JACHO.This ensures the highest degree of safety and the lowest infection rates.

Do you perform asymmetry surgery?

Our plastic surgeons have extensive experience performing breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction to correct asymmetry. You will need to have a physical exam to address your individual needs.

I have lost a significant amount of weight but still have some to go and I can see that there is extra skin. I am interested in having the body lift surgery and breast reduction next summer after I finish graduate school.

Thanks for your inquiry and congratulations on all of your weight loss. It is ideal that you have reached a stable weight for at least 6 months prior to undergoing a body lift and breast reduction. Good luck with your goals and we welcome you to have a consultation to discuss your surgical options with one of our plastic surgeons at your convenience.

How much time passes between the initial consultation and surgery?

Once you have had your consult with one of our surgeons, it is typically 2-4 weeks before surgery. However, this can vary significantly.

I am currently breastfeeding. How long should I wait for a breast reduction?

Generally, you want to wait until you have stopped breastfeeding and your breasts have finished changing in size. Usually this takes a few months after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

What is “liposuction-only breast reduction”? Am I a candidate?

Liposuction-only breast reduction (LOBR) is a technique that, like it sounds, uses liposuction to remove fat and breast tissue from the breast to make it smaller. Because skin is not removed, LOBR relies on skin retraction to alter the shape of the breast. It can be a useful technique in patients who care less about breast shape than they do about absolute size, although the vast majority of patients prefer a much perkier breast in exchange for a few relatively short scars.

Do you use implants in a breast reduction to firm up the breasts?

A breast reduction entails the removal of breast tissue and skin to reduce the breast volume and lift the breast to create a better overall shape and size. The breast will be “firmed up” by compacting the tissue into a smaller area by tightening the skin. Implants are used to enlarge breasts and would not be appropriate for placement during a breast reduction.

I am 5’1″ and weigh 240 lbs. How much weight would I need to lose before I should consider a breast reduction or a tummy tuck?

Ideally, you would like to lose as much weight on your own as possible prior to undergoing a tummy tuck or breast reduction. This way, the maximum amount of excess skin can be removed to get you the best possible result. Generally, we recommend that you try to lose roughly 2/3 of your goal before having surgery. But this varies from person to person depending upon individual body proportions. You may want to see your primary doctor or a nutritionist to help you define your weight loss goals prior to surgery.

Do you perform the LeJour or “lollipop” breast reduction/lift? Should I wait until I am done having children to get a reduction/lift?

Yes, we perform the LeJour, short-scar, or “lollipop” breast lift and reduction. This is an excellent method in many women to achieve the best breast shape with the shortest scar. Usually, it is appropriate to wait until you’re done having children before undergoing this procedure so that you don’t stretch out the skin again possibly necessitating another surgery.

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