Why Low Profile Breast Implants Are Becoming Popular

Gone are the days of “Go Big or Go Home” when it comes to breast implants. Today, more women than ever are approaching breast augmentation with a desire for a more subdued, subtle change. Denver-area women at our practice certainly seem to embrace this understated approach.

Smaller Can Be Better With Breast Implant Surgery

Modern women wear many hats. Most of us desire breasts that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Perhaps you desire a smaller, more versatile, athletic look? Low profile implants could be for you! This profile is an excellent choice for women who want fullness without an overly round and obviously enhanced look. Think of body types such as Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift, and Cameron Diaz. Many are asking the question, “Did they or didn’t they?”

Upper Pole Fullness With Smaller Implants

Are you a breast lift patient who doesn’t necessarily want to feel “bigger” in size, but is seeking some fullness in the upper pole? Low profile implants could be right for you! This lighter yet mighty profile helps sustain that fullness on the top of the breast without creating the need for a larger cup size when used in conjunction with a breast lift.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Vath explains in the video below what low profile breast implants achieve and how he uses 3D imaging to show patients what they’ll look like with various breast implant profiles.

Low profile implants are used far less than other profiles in the plastic surgery arena. However, this is not the case with Dr. Vath. He consults with hundreds of women each year, from business professionals to stay at home moms to super-athletic women. More often, women just want to fill out their clothing or feel more confident. We hear, “I don’t want to wear a padded bra anymore, but I don’t want anyone to notice anything different.” It is achievable! Low profile implants provide optimal use of the breast width, with less outward projection. See the photo below to get a better idea:


Breast implants come in all shapes and sizes, just like our patients. Low profile implants offer positive benefits to women who “fit the profile” and seek this specific breast aesthetic. Information online about low profile implants can be hard to find and hard to understand. Our patient counselors and talented surgeons will be happy to explain the differences in a complimentary consultation. Keep an open mind when approaching the size and profile of your implant. Trust your surgeon’s ability to hear your goals, give you the best options, and help you achieve your dream look!

Take a look at our patients’ photos of breast implants before and after the surgery to get an idea of the range of sizes that are possible. And feel free to use our online contact form to request a complimentary consultation, or call us at (303) 278-2600 (Golden) or (303) 951-2100 (Denver).

Carrie Masters
Patient Counselor to Dr. Steven Vath
[email protected]

4 Responses to Why Low Profile Breast Implants Are Becoming Popular

  • Lisa Arnold says:

    Is 180cc enough to increase volume without going to big? I don’t mind one cup size increase – maximum, I’m am quite tall and medium to big build. Having uplift and aug. Thank you 🙂

    • KBlatherwick says:

      180cc is a pretty small implant, but it all depends on hoe much of your own breast tissue you have and what your goal is.

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve measured my breast with and it comes to 12.5 cm. What width range do I have to work with when considering LP implants?

    • KBlatherwick says:

      Hi Jessica,
      With a base width of 12.5 cm, you could go as narrow as 12 and as wide as 13 in the low and low plus profiles and still look good. The volume would range from 230-320 cc’s (in Allergan implants).

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