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Questions About Brow Lift Surgery

Will smoking affect my recovery?

Smoking adversely affects wound healing. The small vessels that supply blood to the tissues shrink up and prevent the necessary nutrients for healing to get to the wound. The incidence of having a wound complication such as an open wound or skin death is much higher in smokers. Furthermore, the rate of wound infection is also significantly increased in smokers for the same reason of limited blood flow. Because of this, a patient must stop smoking for a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery to decrease the risk of these complications.

Can you perform a tummy tuck and brow lift at the same time?

Yes, our doctors can perform a tummy tuck and brow lift at the same time. Most procedures can be done as a combination. This means only one recovery and less overall cost to you.

Are facelifts commonly performed with other procedures?

Yes. Facelifts do not treat the upper portion of the face. Baggy eyelids, crow’s feet, descended brows, or a wrinkled forehead can be addressed by combining your face or neck lift with a brow lift, and a blepharoplasty. Other facial procedures which may help achieve your desired look, such as an otoplasty/ear surger, lip augmentation, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty can also be performed in conjunction with a facelift.

How much time passes between the initial consultation and surgery?

Once you have had your complementary consult with one of our surgeons, it is typically 2-4 weeks before surgery. However, this can vary significantly.

How do I know if I need a upper eyelid lift or a brow lift?

This is a very good question. Some people benefit more from one than the other, and some require both procedures for a completely satisfying upper facial rejuvenation. Look in the mirror and lightly lift your brow above the outer eyelid. Lift it to a position that doesn’t make you look weird or surprised. Then look at the increased amount of upper eyelid that is visible or “cleared”. If there is still excess upper lid skin obscuring the upper eyelid fold, then you might need upper eyelid surgery, also called an upper lid tuck. If your eyebrows are already at an acceptable height and raising them doesn’t help with the redundant skin over your eyes, perhaps just eyelid surgery would be best.

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