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Dear Heather:
I’m thinking about personal training, but I’m not sure if I should go that route or do aerobic classes at the gym as a way to lose weight. Can you give me some insight?
Suzie M.

Dear Suzie:
As we age, our metabolism slows down, which can lead to larger belt sizes and more weight. Heart disease, stroke, adult onset diabetes and some forms of cancer are linked to obesity. You can do a great deal in short periods of time if you apply consistent effort. I think that lifting weights is one of the best forms of fitness for everyone and especially for those who want to lose weight.

Many people believe that aerobic exercise will lead to faster weight loss. Running, stepping, walking on a treadmill and biking or swimming are great for losing weight, but none of them will re-sculpt your body like weight-lifting. Lifting will burn the most calories and do the most for your overall physique. And gals, you don’t have to worry about developing more muscle than you wish. It’s all based on the size of the weights and the repetitions. The more repetitions at the lower weight size, the less “bulk” you will build into the muscle groups. One caveat: To achieve muscle changes, you have to shock the muscle. If your muscles aren’t burning at the end of each set, you aren’t doing enough weight or reps to get results.

I recommend that you seek out a personal trainer to work with for at least a month. Interview several of them—it’s much like choosing a plastic surgeon: there are good ones and not-as-good ones, and you want to get the best. You can expect to pay between $50-75 an hour, though some less-experienced trainers charge less. The more experience a trainer has, the better. It’s important not to let a trainer’s education be the biggest factor in your decision. There are trainers with a great deal of training, but if you’re choosing between one with lots of education and another one with more client experience, I’d opt for the one with the most experience. And be sure to ask for references!

You should plan to work out with your trainer at least 4 days a week but no more than 5 days per week.

In terms of where to train: some trainers are only house-based; i.e., they come to your home, while others do both home visits and gym training. I recommend going to the gym, as there’s that much more equipment to work on.

Feel free to call on us for a consultation by phoning our gym.

Heather Armbrust
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
CO Owner of Armbrust Pro Gym

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