How do I decide between silicone gel and saline implants?

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Both silicone gel and saline options are available for breast implants in Denver, Colorado. Both types have an outer shell composed of silicone. Silicone gel implants are chosen by an overwhelming majority of patients at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. But the choice is entirely the patient’s.

Silicone gel implants are made of cohesive gel which is a semi-solid and does not leak throughout the body if the shell breaks. Despite their temporary ban by the FDA, silicone implants have never caused the autoimmune illnesses as was claimed in many lawsuits. They have definitively been proven safe and hence, reapproved in 2006 for everyone’s use. Gel implants have three main advantages over saline implants:

  • Softer, more natural feel
  • Less rippling or wrinkling
  • Lower risk of rupture

Although silicone filled implants are quickly becoming the predominant implant of choice in Denver for breast augmentation, saline implants remain a reasonable option. They are filled with salt water. When the shell of a saline implant ruptures, the water is absorbed by the body and the breast deflates. Although saline implants tend to feel slightly firmer and rippling may be more noticeable, they can be a good choice for women with thicker breast tissue coverage and they cost less than their silicone counterpart.

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