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No Turkey Neck This Holiday Season

Did you know that everybody’s neck ages a bit differently? Depending on your weight fluctuation, your genes and your habits (smoking, alcohol, sun exposure, etc), you may age faster or slower than someone else the same age. Women’s skin tends to show age a bit sooner than do men’s simply because a man’s skin is a bit thicker—compare a man of 50 to a woman of 50 and you’ll see what we mean.

Some individuals are born with more laxity in the neck and jaw line areas, while others seem to age very well, with little sagging until they reach their 70’s. Some of this is due to the bones under the jaw. If you have a very well developed jaw line, such as Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, you can look good for quite some time. If you have a softer jaw line, you may notice sagging in the jaw and in the neck more than someone else with a stronger jaw. Beauty isn’t really skin deep—it’s actually bone deep. The underlying structures can make quite a difference in your aging pattern.

If you have a sagging neckline, you’ll be happy to know that dramatic results can be obtained through neck lift surgery and/or liposuction.

The benefits of the neck lift procedure

  • Removing loose sagging skin from under the chin (the dreaded turkey-neck)
  • Correcting the visible bands on the front of the neck
  • Eliminating fat from under the chin (double chin) and from the neck
  • Restoring a smooth, youthful neckline

How is a neck lift performed?

A neck lift, also called a cervical tuck, can create a dramatic change in your appearance. It’s similar to a mini-facelift, in that a neck lift involves little discomfort, requires a fairly short surgical time and is a fast recovery.

During the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed and the neck muscles are tightened. The incisions for a neck lift are placed between the face and ears and at the hairline; therefore, they will be barely visible once healed.

Our patients are delighted with their new, defined jaw line after a neck lift. When skillfully performed by experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Vath and Dr. Wolfe, you can rest assured knowing you’ll feel and look younger! Click this link to see examples of patients who have had their face and neck rejuvenated with face and neck lift surgery by Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath.

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