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I recently changed to using a new lip implant to fill out lips. It’s called the PermaLip made by Surgisil and the results have been fantastic. Lip augmentation surgery is not a new procedure to me or Dr. Wolfe. But we have been less than satisified with previous permanent lip augmentation options including the commonly used GoreTex implants. Until this new PermaLip implant, I was commonly recommending fillers such as Juvederm to achieve lip enhancement. Although a nice improvement can be achieved with fillers, these treatments are temporary. Over time, the cost can quickly add up, easily surpassing that of surgery for permanent lip implants. I’m excited about this new option. This week, I saw a patient of mine the day after having a mini-facelift and PermaLip implant placement and she had no lip pain, no bruising, and mild swelling. Most importantly, she had a nice increase in size, the implants are soft, don’t distort the shape of the lips, and look incredibly natural. Unlike the main lip implant option of the past, Goretex, I am thrilled to be able to offer the PermaLip implant to my patients who desire permanent lip enhancement.

Dr. Vath

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  • Jennifer Atkinson says:

    I have been a nurse in the office for 7 years and I could not agree with Dr. Vath more on this topic. This is the first option we have to offer patients who want a permanent lip enhancement result that I am excited about. I can confidently assure patients that the PermaLip produces predictable results and the ease of the procedure and recovery is worth it.

    • StevenVathMD says:

      Thank you for the questions about the PermaLip implants for lip augmentation. I would not say that the implants help “define” the border of the lips, but they do enhance the lips at the borders so that they appear more prominent. I recently posted a set of lip augmentation before and after pictures on our website. Take a look and thanks for reaching out.
      Dr. Vath

  • Pam says:

    I am very interested in this procedure and have been waiting for just this sort of option to become reality. Yea!

    • StevenVathMD says:

      I appreciate your enthusiasm. The PermaLip implant continues to prove a reliable means of achieving an attractive and permanent lip enhancement. Thank you for chiming in.
      Dr. Vath

    • carol says:

      I just had the permalip implant yesterday. There is swelling, slight bruising, etc. Ice Ice Ice is very important to keep the swelling down. I had other procedures done as well…mouth lift, the corners of my mouth went down and it has been corrected. See dr. on Monday.

  • Emily says:

    Is this a surgery you still perform? I am tired of the maintenence of fillers. Do you also have a price range for upper and lower so I can get a general idea of cost

    • KBlatherwick says:

      Yes, this is a procedure that we still perform. To do upper and lower, the cost is $4300. This includes the surgeon’s fee, the implants, OR, and anesthesia as well as all pre and post-op visits. You could deduct $540 from that total if you opt to just have a local anesthesia, but we have found that the bruising and swelling are much less if done under general.

  • Patricia Rotruck says:

    Procedures desired are Ear Pinning and Permalip Implants – my budget is tight so need to know the approximate cost to make sure I can afford them- I live in SE Wyoming

    • KBlatherwick says:

      At the time of publishing this (1/2022) otoplasty at our office is $8,900 and upper and lower lip implants are $5,800.

    • KBlatherwick says:

      Unfortunately, not at this time. The company referenced in this blog has gone out of business and we have yet to find another that we like.

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