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New PermaLip Implant

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I recently changed to using a new lip implant to fill out lips. It’s called the PermaLip made by Surgisil and the results have been fantastic. Lip augmentation surgery is not a new procedure to me or Dr. Wolfe. But we have been less than satisified with previous permanent lip augmentation options including the commonly used GoreTex implants. Until this new PermaLip implant, I was commonly recommending fillers such as Juvederm to achieve lip enhancement. Although a nice improvement can be achieved with fillers, these treatments are temporary. Over time, the cost can quickly add up, easily surpassing that of surgery for permanent lip implants. I’m excited about this new option. This week, I saw a patient of mine the day after having a mini-facelift and PermaLip implant placement and she had no lip pain, no bruising, and mild swelling. Most importantly, she had a nice increase in size, the implants are soft, don’t distort the shape of the lips, and look incredibly natural. Unlike the main lip implant option of the past, Goretex, I am thrilled to be able to offer the PermaLip implant to my patients who desire permanent lip enhancement.

Dr. Vath

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