On the perception of aging …

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A patient I recently saw in consultation for a mini-facelift at my practice in Denver, CO, asked an interesting question: “Do facelift patients have a hard time adjusting to their new, younger appearance?” Without hesitation, my answer was “No.” As I thought about it, I realized why, and a quick internet search confirmed my suspicion. A common comment from patients is, “I’m here for a consult because how I look doesn’t match how I feel.

This study indicates that most people, and baby boomers in particular, feel younger than they look. In effect, then, a facial rejuvenation procedure actually improves the balance between how patients feel and what they see in the mirror. It’s always nice when science confirms something I’ve seen for years.

Visit our before-and-after photo gallery to see real outcomes of facial rejuvenation surgical procedures.

Dr. Wolfe

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m so excited for my RockStar Dr. Wolf to rearrange my face in three weeks!!!!! Ive read every review, perused the before and after photos 10 times and cant wait! Wish there was an opening tomorrow!!! I cant wait to look as youthful as I feel!

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