Steps to Avoid “Boob Greed”

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boob greed noun

\ ˈbüb ˈgrēd \

1. excessive or rapacious desire for larger breasts after having breast augmentation surgery.

What is a good size for breast augmentation?

“Boob greed” is a term we use in our practice to describe a phenomenon that happens with certain breast augmentation patients who visit us from Denver, Colorado Springs, and other areas.

The scenario typically goes like this: The patient takes ample time to choose an implant size before surgery, undergoes breast augmentation with the chosen implant, and the procedure is executed beautifully. After a week, or sometimes just a few days, she second-guesses her choice and spends excessive energy researching other women’s breast sizes. She begins comparing her result with online pictures of other women, complains about her result, and constantly asks others for their opinions about her breast size.

This continued behavior becomes an obsession. Obsession dismisses the reality that her breasts are large, full, and symmetrical. She continues to question her results, becomes sadder and madder about her choice of implant size, and decides to go back to surgery to attain larger breasts. The cycle is vicious and in some cases continues even after a second surgery.

How do I choose the right size implant?

At what point is enough, enough? At what point is big, big enough? If she is unhappy with size DD, will she be happier with E-cup breasts? The patient’s perception is the MOST important ingredient in choosing implant size. My job as a patient counselor is to guide a patient in choosing an implant size; however, how can this be accomplished when the patient’s perception is mismatched with reality? Consider the following tips for choosing implant size wisely:

  • Identify your lifestyle and be honest with yourself about it. For instance, if you are a marathon runner, you might like the look of a 500 cc implant, but the size might not be practical for distance running. If you lead board room meetings, will you feel comfortable with Kardashian-esque breasts?
  • Be truthful with yourself in regards to your taste. If you are a mom of three and want to rock a DD, but feel you should choose a smaller implant because of your social circle, you will end up unhappy. Choose what you truly want.
  • Try on a wide range of implant sizes. If you are unsure about your taste and size preference, trying on small, medium, and large implants will help you identify your size preference on your body. Before even coming into the office, you can also try the rice test at home and test different sizes while you’re moving about your day.
  • Avoid obsessive behavior. Pick one or two photos you like and move on. Realize you are choosing implants for your body. When looking at breast photos online interrupts your work, social life, and responsibilities, you may be bordering on an obsession.
  • Keep your friends and family out of your ultimate implant decision. Of course, it is a good idea to get your husband, partner, or BFF’s opinion; however, keep in mind, the implants you chose will live on your frame. You are having breast augmentation surgery for no one but yourself.
  • Ask yourself, “How big is big enough?” If you are worried about choosing too small, always choose the bigger of the two sizes you are considering. Sometimes it helps to see breast augmentation before-and-after photos to get an idea of what real women look like after surgery; you can our patients’ photos in our photo gallery.

How do I know if my breast implants are too big?

The truth is, big breasted women are thrown in our faces daily through social media and TV. Most of us can admit to at least one secret reality TV show addiction. Very few women on Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Real Housewives have small breasts. Most NFL cheerleaders have large breasts as do Nicki Minaj and Sofía Vergara. Plump, round, symmetrical breasts are socially trending to be a sign of sexiness. We love that we are helping women create that look. However, the chase for that “perfect” full look can create some serious emotional heartache in the end if you are not aware of your own reality.

A patient will make a poor implant size choice when she ignores her true wants and needs in the beginning of the sizing process. When a patient allows other opinions around implant size to determine her final choice, the result never ends well.

Visualizing Your New Breasts

We are in the business of helping women feel better about themselves. Our surgeons add womanly curves to bodies that otherwise would seem “boyish” or empty in swimwear. We have every implant made on display for shopping patients to try on. Our state-of-the-art Vectra® 3D imaging machine gives women a visual simulation of what their breast can look like with various implant sizes and projections. Our goal is to help our patients choose wisely from the beginning, draw their attention to fact not fantasy, and point out “boob greed” behavior so that patients can move on and be happy with themselves.

If you’d like to explore your breast augmentation options at our Denver plastic surgery practice serving patients from Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and beyond, you can request a consultation using our online form or call us at (303) 951-2100.

Kari Roland

Patient Counselor

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