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As I sit here on a plane bound for Boston before Thanksgiving weekend, I am, appropriately, struck by a few of the things for which I am profoundly grateful:  My amazing wife, the all-around awesomeness of my two boys, and the medical practice that keeps me alternately busy, challenged, fed, fulfilled, humbled, inspired, and endlessly entertained.  Given that my family flew out a day before I did, I am enjoying the forced relaxation that a solo flight affords when you’re not used to flying alone, so my mind is free to wander.

Now I am a fan of all things zombie-related, as my staff will readily relate:  The Walking Dead (much more realistic than Grey’s Anatomy, I assure you), World War Z, etc. So, as I read the latest zombie fiction, I am compelled to consider the possibility of the undead in my day-to-day existence, and I realized that there is a large, obvious, slightly putrescent corpse in my life: THE BLOG. Started with the best of intentions, it has been quite a while since I have made any sort of entry into what was supposed to be a window into the practice and minds of two inspired surgeons.  But life has its own rhythm, and the demands of work, family, weekend lacrosse and football games, and the regular late-Sunday-night hockey games chip away at the best of my literary intentions.  Not an excuse, mind you, but a justification of sorts.

Some of you may have noticed, based on past visits to our practice’s web page, that we have a brand new website. Months of hard work have led to the rebirth of our old site.  We hope you’ll find an improved interface, updated information, and, perhaps, a few new blog entries. For as surely as the infected innocent rises from the dead after being bitten, I am certain that this blog can find animation anew in our reborn website (hopefully with an air of freshness hard to find in the world of the undead).

For those of you intrepid souls morbidly curious enough to follow along, we’ll try to occasionally breathe life into this blog with a renewed zeal. The website is a tremendous source of information for patients and an unrivaled mechanism for patients to learn more about our practice.  I’ll try to treat it less like a self-replenishing Thanksgiving cornucopia and more like the living thing that it is. The undead don’t need much to keep moving, but this blog surely does.  I’ll do my best!

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