Treating Capillaries on the Face

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Capillaries on the FaceThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that over 50% of adults eventually suffer from unsightly capillaries on their faces. These unattractive red, blue, or purplish veins can mar your cheeks and nose with small red lines.

Surface capillaries are also known as spider veins, and they’re known to medical professionals as telangiectasias. They’re part of the body’s venous system but are not essential to your overall circulation. Capillaries emerge on the nose and cheeks as a normal part of aging, and also as a result of pregnancy (and other hormonal changes). Additionally, some people are simply genetically more prone to telangiectasias than others. Though they are normal, many people feel these capillaries detract from their appearance, making them look old and unhealthy.

At Rejuvenate!, we can get rid of spider veins and stray capillaries for you and help you regain the smooth, clear skin you enjoyed a few years ago. You can look forward again to catching glimpses of clear, beautiful facial skin in the mirror.

To get started, set up your visit to Rejuvenate! today.

Exterminating Spider Veins and Capillaries

We use two steps to banish your spider veins and capillaries.

  • For treating fine capillaries on the face we use intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Operating on the same principle as laser systems, IPL directs a pulse of light to the target capillary to damage it. Thus treated, it shrinks and disappears from view. IPL treatment is straightforward. You’ll feel at most a light snapping sensation during your session and you’ll be able to return to your normal day immediately afterward. Our clients, who usually have four to six total sessions, express satisfaction with this safe, non-invasive treatment.
  • IPL treatment can clear up most, if not all, the capillaries you want to treat. But be advised that it will not prevent additional veins from appearing as the aging process continues. That’s why we recommend jane iredale makeup. This line’s blend of minerals and pigments has been shown to be both safe and beneficial for your skin, and because the makeup is long-lasting you won’t need to worry about touch ups during the day. The line has additional benefits for those who take good care of their skin: it’s anti-inflammatory, it doesn’t block pores and it provides sun protection.

Stray capillaries on the face can be cause for dismay. Fortunately, the condition is fairly easily treated. There’s no reason to continue frowning at your face in ther mirror. Arrange your visit to Rejuvenate! Our two offices are conveniently located to serve the entire Denver metro area. One is located just outside of Denver in lovely Golden, Colorado immediately off of 6th Ave westbound and the other is located downtown in Cherry Creek, Denver. Let’s get started revealing clear, healthy skin.

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