You Deserve a Mommy Makeover (Ignore the Haters)

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Even as the stigma surrounding plastic surgery continues to fade, some women still feel they will be judged if they elect to improve their bodies through surgery. That can be especially true for women who want to regain confidence in how they look and feel after having gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Some patients undergoing a mommy makeover procedure in the Denver, Colorado Springs, or Ft. Collins area say they’re told they should view stretch marks, excess skin, and sagging breasts as “badges of honor.”

These comments may be well-meaning, but there is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed about wanting to feel comfortable wearing a bikini or tight-fitting dress after having children. Body-contouring surgical procedures typical of a mommy makeover include breast augmentation, breast lift, or tummy tuck. These surgical approaches create long-lasting results that many of our patients say they wish they would have achieved years earlier.

There are as many reasons for getting cosmetic surgery as there are patients. The highly personal decision to pursue a surgical solution is something our surgeons discuss with each patient during the consultation to better understand her motives and goals. Many mommy makeover patients say that regaining both their pre-pregnancy body and confidence is high on their list. Many also remark that they’re frustrated because, despite their attempts at diet and exercise, they don’t feel they have control over their physical appearance.

Exercise and Diet Aren’t Enough

Cosmetic surgery isn’t a shortcut designed to avoid going to the gym or an excuse to eat rich desserts. In fact, the best candidates for mommy makeover procedures are already at or near a weight that allows them to lead a comfortable, active lifestyle. There are no number of sit-ups or salads that are going to reduce excess skin that was stretched during pregnancy, and no number of push-ups will elevate sagging or deflated breasts. These changes can only occur through cosmetic surgery.

Tummy Tuck Can Correct Medical Concerns

A tummy tuck at our Denver office can create a beautiful, smooth stomach for both women and men. But for moms, the procedure has additional benefits. During a tummy tuck, our plastic surgeons can repair abdominal muscles weakened and separated during pregnancy, a condition called diastasis recti. Studies also show that a tummy tuck can improve lower back pain, reduce incontinence, and even correct hernias after a patient has children.

Regain Femininity

Many women feel a sense of loss when their breasts lose significant volume and shape. Breasts are often associated with sensuality, and many mommy makeover patients say they feel insecure being intimate with their husbands or partners. It’s not unusual for a patient to confide during the consultation that she only removes her clothes with the lights off.

As you can see in our gallery of before-and-after photos, a mommy makeover or even just a tummy tuck performed by one of our Denver plastic surgeons can produce dramatic, transformative results. To learn more about your potential with a Mommy Makeover, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (303) 278-2600 (Golden) or (303) 951-2100 (Denver) to schedule an appointment. There is no reason to feel guilty about wanting to be your best self.

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