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Answers To Questions About Wrinkle Fillers

Is the minifacelift the same as a lifestyle lift, with 4 incisions and minimal downtime? Also, which of the injectables (ex. Juvederm) last the longest-I am interested in vertical lines around mouth-mainly upper lip area?

The mini-facelift is a shorter scar version of a traditional facelift and requires less invasiveness and achieves wonderful results. The mini-facelift will reliably and safely elevate the cheeks, tighten the jawline and neck, and reduce facial wrinkling in a long-lasting fashion. Down-time is minimized. The “lifestyle lift” is not an accepted terminology within the world of plastic surgery. There is no published paper on the “lifestyle lift” nor is it an entity in any legitimate plastic surgery text book. The “lifestyle lift” is a term created for marketing. We therefore can not elaborate upon the details of this procedure and there is no discussion as to the technical aspects of the operation on the “lifestyle lift” website. As far as injectables for lip lines, juvederm does last longer than restalyne and may be the ideal option for you. We have a skin care center called rejuvenate with nurses specially trained in performing these injections and they would be happy to meet with yo to discuss your concerns.

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