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Breast Lift Scarring

A beautiful breast shape with a faded scar is still attractive and even sexy. But an unattractive breast shape without scars is still unattractive. Achieving a beautiful breast contour is the primary objective of a Denver, Colorado, breast lift, followed closely by limiting scarring to achieve the goals.

All too often, at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Vath, Dr. Wolfe, and Dr. Steinwald meet patients with sagging breasts who hope to avoid the vertical lift scar and still achieve a beautiful shape. Although this hope is understandable, it is usually not possible. Once a breast truly sags below the breast crease, removal of lower pole skin is unavoidable. But all hope should not be lost. When the proper techniques are used to tighten the lower pole breast tissue to keep tension off of the skin, scars usually stay thin and fade wonderfully over time.

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery has two offices conveniently located in the Denver metropolitan area. One is located just outside of Denver in lovely Golden, Colorado immediately off 6th Ave West and the other is located downtown in Cherry Creek, Denver. Please schedule a personal consultation to learn what plastic surgery can do for you. Simply call (720) 279-1926 or request your complimentary consultationcomplimentary consultation online.

This is a 40 year old, 5'9" woman who previously underwent a breast augmentation at another center with 390cc saline breast implants in Denver. She did not undergo a breast lifting procedure at that time. She presented complaining of an unattractive breast shape. Dr. Vath performed an implant exchange placing 350 cc silicone gel implants and then a breast lift. Postoperative pictures were taken 2 months, 1 year, and 3 years after surgery. Notice the appreciable fading of the scars by 3 years from surgery. A beautiful breast shape with a faded scar is much more attractive than the alternative without the scar.

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