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Liposuction in Denver: Forget the Method, Focus on Results

When considering body contouring, the most popular choice is liposuction. Denver patients are often interested in a specific procedure type, but they can get satisfying results by focusing more on the skills and credentials of their Colorado liposuction doctor.

Denver, Colorado (May 2, 2008) – Liposuction continues to be hugely popular these days, and for good reason – it's a fantastic way to achieve a more-attractive body contour. But the increasing number of people who have seen advertising from manufacturers of special lipo devices should focus more on the expertise of their surgeon and less on the claims of specific treatment technologies. That's the advice of Dr. Andrew Wolfe and Dr. Steven Vath, board-certified plastic surgeons at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado.

Almost every week, it seems there is a new form of "liposculpture," "liposurgery," "liposmoothing" or other variation on the liposuction concept. Denver residents interested in body sculpting often come to the Center for Cosmetic Surgery asking about these and other lipo "innovations." During patient consultations, Dr. Vath and Dr. Wolfe take the time to explain that a person's focus should not be on the treatment method, but rather the results they want to achieve.

"When a person comes in saying they are interested in a specific technique or lipo device, I first ask them to take a step back and tell me a little more about what they are trying to achieve," says Dr. Vath. "In my opinion, it's not the device or the technique that's most important, it's the skill of the surgeon that really matters. A talented surgeon who has years of experience performing liposuction will in almost every case be able to achieve a more satisfying result than a surgeon who focuses on the benefits of a particular device but has no specialized plastic surgery training."

Through the use of power-assisted liposuction using the tumescent technique, Dr. Vath and Dr. Wolfe are able to achieve dramatic results with minimal scarring and a quick recovery for most patients. Their expertise with these techniques, developed over years of seeing firsthand what works, can make the difference between a good result and an exceptional result.

Many inexperienced Colorado liposuction doctors who have received no specialized training in plastic surgery techniques currently advertise fancy names for the liposuction in Denver they perform, and may even claim that the method they use is instrumental in a patient's cosmetic outcome. Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Vath caution that the credentials of the technician matter more than the specifics of the technique.

"It really is all about the surgeon," adds Dr. Wolfe. "We perform procedures that in our experience have delivered safe, proven results and helped our patients to love the way they look. As board-certified plastic surgeons, both Dr. Vath and I have years of specialized training in plastic surgery techniques, and we understand how to use effective liposuction methods to deliver very pleasing results."

Women and men interested in learning more about liposuction should visit the surgeons' site at: The doctors are happy to share more about liposuction options at their Denver-area practice when patients come in for a consultation.

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