How To Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Elective surgery gives you the ability to prepare yourself and your home for post-surgery recovery. A little forethought and effort before the day of your breast augmentation in Denver, Colorado, can make a substantial difference while your body heals.

Though this article will outline and address many aspects of how to best prepare for breast augmentation surgery that you may not have considered yet, you know your needs and habits better than anyone else. In addition to this advice, we recommend taking time to consider your personal routine and circumstances to create a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space for your recuperation.

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 11561 Left Oblique in Denver, CO
Before & After Breast Augmentation
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Before & After Breast Augmentation

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

During your consultation at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will thoroughly discuss your procedure, recovery, and any specific precautions that are necessary before your breast enhancement surgery. Be sure to ask questions so you feel comfortable and well-informed about your procedure. Being mentally prepared is just as important as being physically prepared. Though some anxiety about surgery is understandable, undue stress and worry can adversely affect your ability to get adequate rest before your procedure.

If you have medical conditions like diabetes or any immune deficiencies, it is important to inform your plastic surgeon of these issues during your consultation. These medical issues won’t necessarily preclude you from having the procedure, but having full knowledge of your medical history will allow your surgeon to make safe treatment recommendations.

Health & Lifestyle Changes Before Surgery

Taking steps to improve your health and following your surgeon’s advice about how to prepare for surgery can have a big impact on your healing and results. Here are some actions we suggest you take before breast augmentation surgery:

  • Quit Smoking: If you smoke, you should quit at least two weeks before your procedure and for at least a month after surgery. Smoking before any surgery increases the risks associated with the procedure. Wearing a patch is not recommended because nicotine is still released into the bloodstream, inhibiting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the surgical site. Using your breast surgery as a reason to quit smoking entirely is an excellent option that will exponentially increase the benefits of your procedure.
  • Stop certain medications: Refrain from using aspirin, vitamin E, and other anti-inflammatory medications. It is important to inform your surgeon of any and all medications you are currently taking so we can determine the correct protocol for cessation of any prescriptions.
  • Fill prescriptions: Fill any prescriptions from your surgeon before the day of your breast enhancement, including pain medication, antibiotics, and recovery aids. Have these medications and plenty of water readily available and easily accessible at all times. If you find it helpful, buy a pill case and prepare the correct dosages before you leave for surgery.

Preparing Your Home Ahead of Surgery

Pay your bills, clean your house, do your laundry, and rearrange household items as necessary to ensure they are accessible to you (without reaching or bending down) as you rest. Make sure your bed or couch has plenty of pillows and blankets within reach. Assess for yourself anything that you may want near you during the first 72 hours after surgery (books, magazines, digital devices, wet naps, lotion, etc.).

Prepare to eat soft, easily digestible foods for the first few days after your breast augmentation. Have crackers and juice by your bedside. Jell-O, yogurt, and low-sodium soups are good to have on hand. Make sure you get plenty of protein to aid the healing process and try to avoid too much sodium, as sodium can increase swelling. If you won’t have a lot of help during your recovery, you may want to cook enough meals for a week or two and freeze them so you can just heat them for easy meal preparation.

Breast Augmentation: The Day Of Surgery

The night before your surgery, do not eat or drink anything after midnight. When you brush your teeth, be sure not to drink any water. If you do ingest anything, be sure to tell the doctors or anesthesiologist before your breast augmentation procedure. Here are some other key things to keep in mind when the “big day” finally arrives:

  • Shower with anti-bacterial soap and wash your hair just prior to surgery. It may be a few days before you will be able to do so again! It’s important that you refrain from using creams, lotions, or deodorant on the day of your procedure.
  • Do not wear any jewelry, make-up, or perfume.
  • Wear sweatpants or comfortable, loose-fitting pants and a larger button-up shirt.
  • Slippers, booties, or thick socks are good to wear to keep your feet warm immediately after surgery, as the anesthesia may make you feel easily chilled.
  • Have someone available to drive you home after surgery.
  • Arrange to have someone trusted on hand to help you with your care for 24 to 48 hours post-surgery.

You may want to make a list of things for your helper to do while you rest, especially if you have pets that need to be taken care of. If you have children, it’s ideal to arrange for them to stay with a relative for a few days instead of having them cared for at the same place where you are recuperating.

Ask your surgeon for the manufacturer’s information about your breast implants and keep this near the phone with any emergency information and phone numbers. If you or your caretaker need to call the hospital for an emergency, having this information on hand can be helpful.

We’re Here to Help

Making the extra effort to fully prepare for your breast augmentation surgery will take some time and energy, but doing so will pay off by increasing the chances of a quick and trouble-free recovery.

Remember, the staff at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is available to answer any of your questions before and after your surgery, so please don’t hesitate to call us. This post provides additional insight about what to expect throughout your breast augmentation journey. But first, your transformation starts by requesting a consultation online or by calling us at (303) 278-2600. Let’s embark on your aesthetic journey together!

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