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How do I choose my implant size?

Breast implants in Denver, Colorado, come in many sizes in order to fit all breast dimensions and personal goals. The basis premise of implant sizing is to match the base width of a woman’s breast with the diameter of the implant and vary projection to increase or decrease overall size. But there are many implants that fit the width range of a given woman’s breast. After narrowing the options down based upon breast width, there are two helpful techniques for  breast augmentation patients to determine which size they prefer most.

First, implant size is best determined by “trying on” the actual implants in a bra with the natural breast tissue. This method not only provides a real-life visual of enhanced breast sizes, but also gives women the feel of varying sized fuller breasts. Second, the Vectra 3-D imaging (link) system creates a virtual preview of breasts enlarged with any implant size currently available on the market. These techniques give patients the control to choose their desired outcome as precisely as possible. This avoids surprises, disappointment over being too big, or regret about not being enhanced enough so that women feel that they got it just right.

Using cup sizes to delineate the volume goal is not feasible because there is no standardized measurement for cup sizes between bra manufacturers. In other words, a C cup represents different volumes at different stores. So the cup nomenclature is a moving target and doesn’t accurately help define patients’ desired outcomes.

Many women attempt to figure out which size is best for them by analyzing before and after pictures of breast augmentation patients on the web. This method is not usually helpful because of the many variables that differ from woman to woman, such as breast shape, size, and dimension as well as body proportions, height, and shoulder width. Frequently, women come into consults with a strong idea as to their desired implant volume based upon web pictures, only to find that they like a completely different size once they try the implants on their own bodies.

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