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Steps to Avoid “Boob Greed”

boob greed noun 1. excessive or rapacious desire for larger breasts after a Breast Augmentation has been completed.   “Boob Greed” is a term we use in our practice when a patient takes ample time to choose a implant size before surgery, undergoes Breast Augmentation surgery with the chosen implant, the procedure is executed beautifully; then, after a week or … Read more

How to be decisive when choosing Breast Implants

We see thousands of patients each year, so we realize choosing the right breast implant is a *big* deal!  Many women struggle over the decision of implant size.  Breast implants come in all shapes, sizes, profiles, and even “feels” that make it possible to get the look you want.   The problem with having so many options is that it can … Read more

Who should I tell?

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to transparency. The decision to have elective cosmetic surgery rarely happens easily. It’s hard enough to make the call for a consultation; let alone being naked in front of the surgeon for the body examination. After you become comfortable with your decision to have surgery, you are then faced with … Read more

How To Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery

A successful surgical journey is more than just choosing a great doctor. Of course, a board certified cosmetic surgeon is a must, but that’s just the first step. Your surgeon should educate you about your surgical options, share quality photos of their work, set realistic expectations and put your mind at ease before scheduling. The combination of all of these … Read more