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Ear Surgery

Do you have concerns about your prominent ears? Use our discreet online form to contact Dr. Andrew Wolfe, Dr. Steven Vath, and Dr. Paul Steinwald, board-certified Colorado plastic surgeons about otoplasty surgery.

Ear Surgery
Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Ear Surgery case 1013 before photo
    Ear Surgery case #1013 after photo
    AFTER (1 month)

    Case #1013

    17 year-old white female with prominent ear deformity (lack of a fold, full "bowl" of ear) since childhood.  Underwent ear reshaping or  "otoplasty"  under light general and local anesthes... View Case 

  • Ear Surgery case 352 before photo
    Ear Surgery case #352 after photo

    Case #352

    This is a 34 year old woman who complained about prominent ears. She underwent an otoplasty procedure in order to set her ears back. Dr. Vath used three otoplasty techniques in order to achieve a more aesthetic ear appearance: 1) sutures placed in the cartilage behind the ear to create the... View Case 

  • Ear Surgery case 1074 before photo
    Ear Surgery case #1074 after photo
    After (6 mo)

    Case #1074

    View Case 

  • Ear Surgery case 152 before photo
    Ear Surgery case #152 after photo

    Case #152

    This is a 31 year old female who underwent an otoplasty.  Post-operative pictures are from 2 months after surgery. View Case 

Prominent ear surgery techniques tuck the ears back closer to the head giving them a less prominent appearance. This allows you to wear your hair back without concern for over projection of your ears. Visit our specialty site to learn about your full range of cosmetic options. Otoplasty is just one of the Denver facial rejuvenation procedures we perform.

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery has two offices conveniently located in the Denver metropolitan area. One is located just outside of Denver in lovely Golden, Colorado immediately off 6th Ave West and the other is located downtown in Cherry Creek, Denver. Please schedule a personal consultation to learn what ear surgery can do for you. Simply call (720) 279-1926 or request your consultation onlineyour consultation online.

For information about preparing for your surgery and post-operative guidelines, visit our Patient Resources page.

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Before and After Photos

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