Acne Treatment FAQ

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

I am interested in a laser treatment for my acne. Is this the best and quickest remedy?

Thanks for your inquiry regarding laser resurfacing for acne scarring. At our Denver medical spa, we offer many ways to manage acne scarring depending upon the type of scarring, location, and severity. CO2 laser resurfacing is an aggressive way to manage acne scarring, but is helpful for the right patient. The best way to determine whether it’s right for you is to come in for a consult to evaluate your skin and your goals. Many people benefit from other treatment modalities such as or [link pid="114"]microneedling. It just depends upon your specific needs. If CO2 laser resurfacing seems to be the best option, generally you would have it once, or perhaps twice at the most.

Do you perform dermabrasion for acne scars?

We offer microneedling for mild to moderate acne scars. At Rejuvenate!, in Denver and Golden, Colorado, many of our patients combine these treatments with our medical-grade skin care care products. All of our skin care procedures are done at our skin care center, Rejuvenate!

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