Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It? Here’s What to Keep In Mind

A woman in Denver, CO is thrilled with the results of her tummy tuck.

As time passes, our bodies change. Many of us struggle with extra weight around the midsection that can be difficult to lose. Tummy tuck surgery at our plastic surgery practice in Denver is one of the most direct, efficient ways to address this common issue. The procedure can help slim and contour the body after events like pregnancy or major weight loss. 

Even though tummy tuck surgery is a well-known procedure, many patients want to know more about it before investing in the surgery. Is a tummy tuck truly worth the cost and recovery time required? In this blog post, we will address the benefits of a tummy tuck and explain which patients would benefit most from surgery.

What is a tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure that trims and tones the midsection. During surgery, the doctor carefully removes loose, saggy skin and excess fat, as well as tightens the underlying muscles. The procedure is often combined with other treatments, such as liposuction, to create more noticeable contours around the waistline. Surgery leaves a low, fine scar hidden below the bikini line. The scar usually fades and flattens over time, making it even less visible as time passes.

What issues can a tummy tuck treat?

Tummy tuck surgery is best known for being able to remove loose, saggy skin and create a new, slimmer waistline. This is achieved by trimming away excess and repairing any permanent “belly bulge” created by a condition known as diastasis recti. The surgery also focuses on rebuilding and reshaping the navel, producing an attractive-looking bellybutton. You can see the results of these efforts by browsing our own practice’s tummy tuck before-and-after photos.

Please keep in mind, though, that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure.

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck works best for restoring the appearance of the body after major changes such as pregnancy or weight loss. However, any patient who has undergone significant body changes could benefit from treatment. It’s a great option for those who have saggy skin, excess fatty tissue, or separated abdominal muscles that create a permanent “belly bulge.” Patients who are near their ideal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle are good candidates for this procedure. 

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is always a very personal decision. However, if you struggle with loose skin and unwanted fat around your midsection, the confidence gained after a tummy tuck can definitely be “worth it.”

If you’re interested in tummy tuck surgery, be sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who can safely perform your procedure. If you would like to learn more, please request a consultation online with our office. You can also call our practice at (303) 951-2100 (Denver) or (303) 278-2600 (Golden).

2 Responses to Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It? Here’s What to Keep In Mind

  • Devorah Roldan says:

    Is there a such thing as a mini tummy tuck or a mini lipo?Example, a fatty tissue that won’t go away due to pregnancy and a surgical site that has a numbing fat that won’t go away in a lower abdomen, near the bikini line.
    I have heard of this from a group, but not sure if Dr. Wolfe has performed such procedure.


    • KBlatherwick says:

      Hi Devorah,

      A mini tummy tuck is a less aggressive form of a full tummy tuck. With a full tummy tuck, most or all of the skin between the belly button and the top of the pubic area is removed, the muscles are tightened all the way up to the ribs, and the remaining skin is stretched down to close the open area. The belly button is usually brought up through the new skin and sewn into place. With a mini tummy tuck, in contrast, a much smaller area of skin is removed, and only the muscles in the lower abdomen are tightened. The belly button is not relocated. Good candidates for a mini tummy tuck are rare, as most patients with abdominal laxity are much better candidates for a full tummy tuck. Occasionally, a patient will present with isolated lower abdominal laxity and a firm upper abdomen. For these select few, a mini tummy tuck can be a good option.

      Liposuction (or CoolSculpting) may be a good option to remove abdominal fat as long as you do not have excess skin.

      Dr. Wolfe can tell you which option would be best fro you in a consultation.

      ~ Kara

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