Should my implants be placed behind or in front of the pectoralis muscle?

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

At The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado, breast implants can be placed beneath the pectoralis (chest) muscle, called subpectoral placement, or in front of the chest muscle, called subglandular placement. There are several advantages to placing the implants beneath the chest muscle, including:

  • The extra coverage of the implant in the upper portion of the breasts assists in achieving a more natural contour and appearance.
  • The implant is also less likely to be as palpable in the position under the muscle.
  • There is maximal preservation of the nerves that supply nipple sensation.
  • There is evidence that capsular contraction (heavy scar tissue forming around the implant) is reduced.
  • There is less interference with mammography because the implant is partially separated from the breast tissue by the muscle.

For these reasons, we generally feel that it is advantageous to place breast implants below the muscle for breast augmentation; however, breast surgery at our Denver practice must be individualized and there are some scenarios such as mild breast deformities where placing the implant above the muscle may be more appropriate.

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