Stay safe, stay healthy, and still get your questions answered

Let's Talk, consultations from the comfort of your home

At CCS, we have patients from all over the world come to Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Vath, and Dr. Steinwald for their Plastic Surgery needs, so we have made the virtual consultation process as seamless as an in office one.  Here’s how it works:

  • Call or request a consultation online and we will get you a dedicated time on our schedule
  • You will be instructed how to complete the necessary paperwork and upload your photos using our HIPAA-compliant patient portal, TouchMD
  • Your surgeon  will call you (video chat also available) at the designated time to discuss the procedure(s), answer your questions, and form a surgical plan.
  • You will then speak to a Patient Counselor who will give you your quote and can schedule your procedure if you wish to move forward.
  • We will schedule you for a pre-op and face-to-face appointment with your surgeon (usually 2 weeks before surgery)

It’s that easy!

With so many people experiencing some down time in their lives, now is the perfect time to consider that procedure that you have been thinking about.  Let’s talk!

6 Responses to Stay safe, stay healthy, and still get your questions answered

  • Kelly Luce says:

    Need a butt and thigh lift and a tummy tuck For my most important things, Mom of 90 lbs pre pregnancy weight, babies 2 1/2 years apart now 7 years later it a really big mess especially when you can see your intestines moving in you belly ?. My breastfeeding didn’t harm my breasts I think it made the bigger and better so no problem there! I have issues with sagging upper and lower eyelids genitics my mom and my dad , maybe I can just get an idealistic Realistic choice for this issue I just don’t know if I’d be a good candidate now or a little later . My idea it to see what you’re seeing and decided then,

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