What are CoolSculpting Treatments Really Like?

My name is Jessica Brown, and I am Mrs. Red Rocks 2020. I will be competing for the title of Mrs. Colorado this summer. I began working towards this title in 2006 and it is definitely my brass ring. As a dance and fitness instructor, I am usually very active and fit. However, quarantine forced us all out of our routines, and I found that turning 40 in quarantine was a double whammy. Struggling to get my pageant training on track, I reached out to the Center for Cosmetic Surgery for help.

Like so many women, I have stubborn areas that just weren’t responding to nutrition and exercise. I found that turning 40 brought even more stubborn spots and needed help slimming them in time to be my best at competition. We started with CoolSculpting on the backs of my arms, bra strap/armpit area and love handles, and then will finish with CoolTone on my tummy and thighs right before competition.

The CoolSculpting was only uncomfortable on my love handles, but I hated those the most- so I didn’t mind feeling them die! Lol, kidding… Actually, the discomfort was easy to bear because I knew I was doing something for myself. I was changing my body and digging myself out from the neglect of lock down. It felt empowering and freeing. I believe that loving our bodies is key to being able to change them; if we aren’t happy now, we won’t be happy then. I know my worth isn’t determined by a scale or pant size, but by my own opinion. So when I do things to change myself- a new hair color, fitness regimen, or cosmetic treatments – I do it BECAUSE I love myself. Not TO love myself. Being free to change ourselves means not being captive to what others think. It means daring to live by our own rules and for our own perception. I feel more like ME after working with CCS. I’m so glad I did it and fully recommend uncovering yourself asap.















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