Why does the world need another Plastic Surgery Blog?

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

If you google “plastic surgery blog”,  you will get more than 3 million hits.  How do we expect to make a difference with one more blog?  Let me count the ways:

1- Honesty

Dr. Vath and I are well known for a no-nonsense approach to Plastic Surgery and all the hype that surrounds it.  If something works, we want to tell you about it.  If it doesn’t, or is unproven, we’ll tell you about that, as well.

2- Relevance

This blog will comment on issues that are relevant to anyone interested in Plastic Surgery.  Current events in the specialty, hot topics, breakthroughs, etc, are all going to be a focus.  I’m not going to comment on so-and-so’s new rhinoplasty unless it brings up salient points which bear further discussion.  The world may need one more Plastic Surgery blog, but I really doubt it needs another celebrity rag.


We would love to have this site become an active forum for all topics related to our diverse specialty.  Dr. Vath and I are both avowed Plastic Surgery geeks, and will be prompt and thorough in responding to any questions you may have.

So feel free to peruse the site, and please comment on any topics that interest you.  We’ll be eagerly awaiting the discussion.

Dr. Wolfe

One Response to Why does the world need another Plastic Surgery Blog?

  • Pam McMaster says:

    So far, I find the focus and approach of this blog to be a refreshing departure from the usual celebrity-seeking “trend of the day” type drivel. I hope that multitudes of men and women will find this and become better informed regarding the realities and benefits of plastic surgery in the hands of skilled, intelligent and straight-forward physicians. I will certainly do everything I can to direct others to this site. Thanks for starting it — this is WAY overdue!!

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