Step 3: Creating a Pocket

brow lift guide - step 3

When you come to our Denver practice for a brow lift, our surgeons create a pocket beneath the skin, separating the forehead skin from the underlying muscles. By releasing the skin, the surgeons can tighten it, which elevates the brow. Surgeons create the pocket over the outer brow, lateral hooding, and crow’s feet so that these areas are specifically affected. Our surgeons are careful to avoid interrupting muscle or nerves when they create the pocket for a brow lift. Because they perform this separation on top of the muscle, the nerves that allow you to lift your eyebrows are not injured by the mini-brow lift technique.

Mini-Brow Lift vs. Traditional Coronal Brow Lift or Endoscopic Brow Lift

A surgeon using the coronal brow lift technique makes an incision from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear, elevating the entire forehead off the bone. This separation is performed beneath the muscle. Using this technique can cause sensory loss, including numbness of the scalp behind the scar. This approach also poses a higher risk of possible motor nerve injury causing brow paralysis. For an endoscopic brow lift, surgeons insert special instruments through several small incisions, lifting the forehead off the bone beneath the muscles to create a pocket beneath the entire forehead.

Step 4: Elevating the Brow

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