Step 5: The Scar And Final Result

brow lift guide - step 5

The scar after a mini brow lift performed at our Denver, Colorado, practice should be inconspicuous. Our surgeons make incisions at the hairline over the eye, trailing into the hair over the sideburn. That means women who wear their hair pulled back or short can feel confident that their scars will be barely perceptible. The techniques used by our surgeons don’t result in an elevated hairline. Instead, they elevate the outer brow to a natural, more youthful position. The brows gain a slight arch, there’s decreased lateral hooding, and more of the upper lids are visible. This creates a more alert and youthful appearance.

Mini-Brow Lift vs. Traditional Coronal Brow Lift or Endoscopic Brow Lift

The final scar created by a traditional coronal brow lift extends from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear. It often widens due to tension created by pulling together the entire thickness of the scalp. This scar may be visible when the hair is wet. Because the scar is generally behind the hairline after a surgeon excises hair-bearing scalp, elongation of the forehead can occur. Scalp numbness behind the scar is a distinct possibility. An endoscopic brow lift creates 5 small scars within the hear-bearing scalp. These are usually well-hidden, but often associated with discomfort because of the scalp fixation to the bone beneath the scar.

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