Step 2: Making the Incision

brow lift guide - step 2
Our plastic surgeons begin brow lift procedures at our Denver, Colorado, practice by making incisions in inconspicuous locations without shifting back the hairline. Each incision starts at the hairline, directly above the center of the eye, and then extends into the hair-bearing skin above the temple. This technique hides the scar at the hairline above the eye and within the hair over the sideburn. Making the incision at the front of the hairline enables our surgeons to remove excess skin without adding height the forehead. The short (2 to 3 inches) incision results in a barely perceptible scar, even for patients who wear their hair short or pulled back.

Mini-Brow Lift vs. Traditional Coronal Brow Lift or Endoscopic Brow Lift

The mini-brow lift uses 2 small incisions on the side of the scalp to specifically elevate the outer brow. The coronal brow lift incision extends from ear to ear, yielding a longer scar than most people need to get the results they desire. The endoscopic brow lift uses 5 small incisions within the hair-bearing scalp to provide surgeons access for forehead elevation.

Step 3: Creating a Pocket

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