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Denver Plastic Surgery Practice Offering Specialized FTM Top Surgery

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver features Dr. Paul Steinwald, a specialist in FTM plastic surgery for chest masculinization and gender affirmation.

Denver, Colorado (December 2015) — At The Center for Cosmetic Surgery (, a leading Denver plastic surgery practice, specialist Dr. Paul Steinwald is pioneering the use of advanced surgical techniques for patients seeking FTM chest masculinization (also called "top surgery") for gender affirmation.

"Ever since I first performed chest masculinization surgery more than 10 years ago, I've continued to refine and improve the surgical techniques used for top surgery," says Dr. Steinwald, who joined the Denver-based plastic surgery practice in 2014 after running a successful solo practice in Chicago. "The method is preferred by patients because it can be performed in a single operation and, unlike some past techniques, maintains a high degree of nipple sensitivity."

Dr. Steinwald says he initially developed an interest in FTM surgery (which stands for "female to male") in 2002 when one of his patients came in for a breast reduction consultation. As the patient discussed cosmetic goals, Dr. Steinwald says, "It quickly became apparent that the patient was in the process of gender affirmation."

He says he learned about the surgical concepts of chest masculinization during fellowship training in San Francisco, in addition to treating several men with gynecomastia (excess breast tissue). So he agreed to perform a staged surgery for that first patient. As he continued to do more of the procedures, he developed an approach that used the principles of standard breast reduction surgery so that the patient's nipples remained attached.

Dr. Steinwald's innovative approach to chest masculinization is just one way the Denver plastic surgery practice demonstrates its commitment to offering patients advanced cosmetic options, including one of the newest generation of CO2 fractional lasers that is revolutionizing skin resurfacing treatments.

The FTM top surgery generally takes 2 to 3 hours to perform, according to Dr. Steinwald, depending on the existing breast size and whether the patient wants related procedures, such as liposuction of the underarm areas, completed at the same time.

Dr. Steinwald, who has performed the procedure for hundreds of patients from throughout the U.S. and other countries, operates on informed consent and does not require letters from therapists or other care providers.

"I'm truly amazed and inspired by the courageous nature and positive attitude of my patients, along with their empowerment and gratitude after the operation," Dr. Steinwald says. "It has been an honor and privilege to play such an important role in the journey of each of these patients."

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery has 2 locations in the Denver metropolitan area, including the downtown Cherry Creek office and in Golden, Colorado. To meet with Dr. Steinwald or another surgeon, request your complimentary consultation using our online form or call us at (720) 279-1926 .

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