Step 10: The Final Result

facelift guide - step 10

The final result of a mini-facelift in Denver yields a tighter neck and jaw line, reduced jowls, and softened marionette lines and nasolabial folds. The scar is inconspicuous as it is hidden around the ear and beneath the sideburn. This scar fades and lightens over time, leaving you with only the rejuvenation that is noticeable.

We hope these illustrations provided a much better sense of how the facelift techniques used by our plastic surgeons can help improve your appearance. We want to present an accurate story about facelift surgery, especially the mini-facelift. Unfortunately, the realities of facelift surgery are often misrepresented, both on the internet and in discussions with doctors.

Frequently, internet resources and even physicians tout facelifts as using “tiny incisions behind the ears.” That distorts and downplays the truth of the operation simply to lure in prospective patients. We believe these diagrams accurately reflect the facelift surgical process from start to finish. After your surgery is complete, your recovery process begins. Our surgeons take steps to minimize your recovery time and provide you with detailed post-operative instructions.

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